Catholic mothers captured pushing a bus on muddy roads in Anambra


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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It's rare for women to push vehicles in Nigeria! It's also heartbreaking when seeing these mothers in uniform pushing their bus through deplorable muddy roads in the state. Read details here!

A photo of some women pushing a bus after it presumably broke down is making the rounds online, generating discourse about the state of roads in the country.

Much detail was not given about what transpired. But going by the attire adorned by the women in the picture, they look like members of the popular Catholic Women Organization (CWO). They were probably on their way to a meeting, when their bus broke down. Left with no choice, they rolled up their sleeves, and started pushing it themselves.


A group of Catholic mothers in their uniform had to push the bus through muddy roads


The photo is gaining attention because it showcases something different from the norm. In Nigeria, pushing vehicles is an activity for men. When a vehicle breaks down, the men aboard do the pushing while the women give them moral support. If there are no men aboard, the women look for men around to assist them fix the car or push it.

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Although the condition of the bus cannot be ascertained, there are speculations that the bad road condition in the state played a major role in the incident. There was a recent public outcry by residents of the state over the dilapidated condition of their roads. The state government has assured residents of its commitment to fix bad roads in its territory.


Such deplorable roads in Anambra state can ruin vehicles

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