Report of 5 most stolen cars and 5 least stolen cars in 2018


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Would you ever have imagined that just by driving a certain car brand you are more or less likely to be a victim of auto theft? Which cars at risk? Which are safe? Check below for the list!

Is your car model among the top stolen cars of last year? Or could it be in the happy list of the least pinched ones? Auto theft has been around forever, and is now on increase because of the security challenges in Nigeria. It appears auto thieves, whether armed or otherwise, target certain brands of cars. Some other brands, they never seem to go close to.

The growth of technology has brought so many anti-theft features to automobiles. While many features have severely put a dent in the operations of auto thieves, still anti-theft tech does not seem to have totally prevented auto criminals from snatching and carting away prize autos, sometimes from right under the noses of the owners. The best form of deterrence may well be not to drive what they are looking for, Naijauto brings you the 5/5 list!  

1. Most stolen cars in 2018

1.1. Toyota Corolla

This is everyone’s favorite Japanese auto brand in Nigeria, and it appears auto thieves share that preference also. It’s sad to know that this car is among the most stolen vehicle and car parts in the country. Toyota has not been slack in building anti-theft technology into their cars, such as the engine mobilizer, anti-theft alarm, and an anti-theft system module. Still, auto thieves are wizards at finding a way around even the most advanced technology. The reason for this is because the Toyota Corolla is quite easy to sell, has very in-demand car parts, and an amazing second hand value.


High resale value turns Toyota Corolla an appealing prey to car thieves

1.2. Jeep Cherokee

Though the new models have good anti-theft protection, the older versions of this car are constantly highly targeted. If you are using the older models, you should consider upgrading.


Hopefully, the carmaker is producing better anti-theft Cherokee!

1.3. Toyota Camry

Just like the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Camry is always a target because of its marketability and immense popularity over the years. Many Nigerian use this brand of vehicle for largely the same reasons as the Toyota Corolla. Both brands also share similar anti-theft technology and safeguards.


It seems Toyota is truly favored by the thieves

1.4. Honda Civic

This is another Japanese product that car theft seems particularly invested in. Honda is best known for their high quality engines, which is why it’s always at risk. The newer models of Honda may be a little difficult for car criminals because of the technology in-built but the older models are always at risk. Anti-theft tech includes Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System.


Former versions of Honda Civic are also named in "Most stolen" list

1.5. Nissan Altima

If you use the Nissan Altima, you might want to worry for your car safety. This car was the most stolen car in 2017. The Nissan Altima is good for many things and always best for fuel economy; alas this good quality is also one thing that makes it a target for auto thieves also. Anti-theft system includes horn alarms, wheel locking and electronic tracking.


2 years passed and Altima still leads the top stolen cars

2. Least stolen cars in 2018

2.1. BMW 5 Series

This Germany made automobile has become less of a target since they are always being upgraded with the latest anti-theft technology, which pose as a deterrence and threat to car criminals. This fashionable car which is quite suitable for a moderate family is not so popular as its counterpart, the BMW 3-series, but its safety features will keep buyers coming for more. Anti-theft tech is simply called “EWS”.


Thanks to its "EWS", BMW 5 Series less attracts car thieves

2.2. Hyundai Elantra

It’s surprising that the small and unassuming Hyundai Elantra made the list on the good side. This is because it has many of the same features that make the Corolla attractive to auto thieves: fuel economy, resale value, and marketable parts. However, for some reason, the Elantra seems immune to the stealing frenzy. The Elantra has SVI or stolen vehicle immobilization, a tech that allows a signal to be sent that immobilizes the car.


Having similar quality to Corolla but Hyundai Elantra is immune to evil acts

2.3. Audi A6

The A6 is one of the least stolen cars and is another car by a German automaker in the safe list. It has been in production since its design in 1909. It okay to say that this vehicle does not only have a decent exterior, but a capable security system.


Not only luxury, Audi is firm and boasts high security function

2.4. Mercury Mariner

This SUV was introduced in 2005 but Mercury stopped its production in 2010. It's also a competitor to the Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape. Well, the point is, if you are driving a Mercury Mariner you should worry little about car thieves getting away with it. This might however be due more to its lagging popularity than any up-to-date security feature.


You can only buy models 2010 backward because the production had been discontinued

2.5. Chevrolet Equinox

This stylish SUV happens not to be a security risk or a source of worry to its owner as it is rarely stolen. It is interesting to also know that the 2010 seems to have this same quality as it newer models. Chevrolet has equipped the Chevrolet Equinox with the latest safety technology that works 24/7 to prevent car thieves from stealing it. The Equinox has a sophisticated Theft Deterrent System.


Bravo for Equinox, which top the least stolen car 2018!

As you make your choice for an automobile to drive, be sure you consider the very important factor of car security.

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