5 most Google-searched car brands in the first half of 2020


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Auto manufacturers around the world are accelerating to wrap up a saddening 2020 on a high note, but not all of them achieve an equal amount of attention from the public.

2020 has just made it through the first half and car brands from all over the world are doing everything they can to complete the year 2020 of the Coronavirus pandemic with the best they can. In other words, they need to get their sales figure boosted as high as possible. If they want to do that, they first need the attention of the public.

Generally speaking, there are 2 ways you can do that, online and offline. The offline method involves the presence of a brick-and-mortar business, shiny cars in the showroom, marketing campaigns with the core mission to get flyers and standees appear in as many places as possible. 

The online method is basically the same, but the platform is now different. Car brands are now battling on Google - the world's most powerful search engine. If your brand wants to get its cars sold, the marketing team must master how to utilize this device, since it has become the alternative for the first gateway to enter the Internet.

With that said, the number of queues for a particular brand now almost translates to the number of cars that the brand sold, and so competitors would always try to get this information to know how to get ahead of others. In addition, they could use that to measure the efficiency of their campaign and therefore adjust accordingly.

After doing some research, Naijauto.com finally got our hands into a data pool about the most googled brands in the first 6 months of 2020, by a company called Holts Lloyd. The method is pretty straightforward: which brand tops the google search worldwide.

1. BMW

BMW might not be the first choice considering Nigerian tastes but it comes as the number brand when it comes to Google search volume. In the last month only, keyword BMW alone was queried more than 6 million times. We always hope that Nigeria's economy will thrive so that people get higher demand for cars of higher segments such as ones from the German giants.


BMW is greatly recognized internationally

2. Toyota

We are all not surprised to see this name. Toyota has hardly if ever escaped the top 3 most searched for and also purchased brands in Nigeria and worldwide.

Though taken the crown by BMW, Toyota is an invincible contender in Nigeria in terms of online search as well as sales. Let's looking forward to our year-end reports to see if Toyota can overturn the big German player!


The most popular brand in Nigeria reached number 2 on this list

3. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known brand not only worldwide but in Nigeria too. If you don't see a Toyota or Honda, it's almost like a Mercedes-Benz. Tokunbo Benzes are always appealing deals to purchase as they come in great condition after careful inspection and repair by car dealers.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the favorite brands that richest men in Nigeria have in their garages too.


If Mercedes-Benz were a person, it would be a celebrity

4. Tesla

A young born auto brand from the USA, Tesla has drawn much attention from the public, mainly from the Netherlands, Norway, China, and other 4 countries. Maybe because of its "fully electric" tagline.

Aside from its technical terms, we might have to consider the fuss made by Tesla owner Elon Musk in the past few months too (such as allowing his workers back to factories despite the coronavirus concerns).


Electricity is future, so is Tesla?

5. Chevrolet

We, Nigerian, might find it hard to miss Honda on this list, but it did. Chevrolet, in the worldwide term, got more attention over the Japanese manufacturer who happens to be the second popular brand in Nigeria regarding its sales.

Chevrolet is, however, worth its credit as the reputation planted in its home soil, the United States of America. In Nigeria, people know the most about the Camaro which is sought after by muscle car enthusiasts.


Chevrolet is a big player on its homeland

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Hassana Obi

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