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We bring you the most replaced car parts in Nigeria and how often you ought to change them to avoid having constant issues with your vehicle.


The parts of your car you need to change depends on how you use the vehicle

Owning a car in Nigeria comes with a lot of maintenance. Not just because you own a car but because the roads in Nigeria aren't so cool to their users. This further reduces the life span of the vehicle parts and no matter how often you check and care for these parts, you'll have to change many of them one day. For some, this happens quite often. You must have read articles on what to do when certain parts of your vehicle go bad. But have you thought of what the most replaced car parts in Nigeria are? Naijauto has decided to bring you a list of these parts and possibly how soon you will need to change them. Sit back and stay informed.

Most replaced car parts

1. Air and oil filters

One of the first things to do when carrying out routine car maintenance is to check the oil levels and, once in a while, the filter. The oil filter ensures that only pure oil gets into the car engine and keeps it lubricated. However, dirt can clog the filter, making it difficult to function properly. This same goes for the air filter which is linked to the injector and cylinders of your vehicle.

  • How often is this changed?

Therefore, endeavor to change these filters every 90 - 200 days. If you drive around a lot, change them after every 5,000 miles. Of course, this also applies to the engine oil itself, so it doesn't affect the engine. For the air filter, preferably change after 10,000 - 13,000 miles. This is somewhat dependent on how dusty the roads you ply regularly, are. Price: ₦5,000 - ₦9,000 depending on brand and size.


Air and oil filters keep all undesirables out of the engine

2. Wiper blades

If you drive on almost every road in Nigeria, you will find young boys selling wiper blades on the major roads. This is because the wiper blade is used during heavy rains in the country which makes them wear and tear very easily even with proper maintenance. Once this happens, the metal underneath can start scratching the windshield of your vehicle.

  • How often is this changed?

The good thing is these blades are not expensive whatsoever. Once you notice a tear, change as soon as possible or change after every 24 weeks. Price: ₦2,000 - ₦12,000 depending on brand and size.


If it leaves streaks on the glass, it's gotta go!

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3. Car battery

There are many reasons for replacing your car battery. Top on the list is theft. This is why a lot of people remove their car batteries after parking their car, to ensure nobody removes it while they aren't close to the vehicle. Besides that, the car battery ensures your car comes on when you kick-start it. It ensures your stereo, air conditioning, navigation, power accessories and lots more are steadily running. This also means the battery will tend to run down quickly.

  • How often is this changed?

A battery costs about 25,000, so you can change it once it starts giving you problems. Although a car battery is expected to last up to 6 months to a year. But put your driving habits into consideration when planning. Price: ₦18,000 - ₦90,000 depending on brand and size.


Batteries can be very frustrating if they are old

4. Tires

There are different types of tires serving various purposes in cars. However, the one thing they all have in common is moving the car from point A to point B. So, of course, they grow old or worn out and need to be replaced. Replacing your car tires as a Nigerian driver should not be an issue whatsoever because you already know Nigeria has some bad roads. These cause the tires to wear and tear easily and even punctures tires. Driving with bad tires puts your life and those of the other car occupants at risk.

  • How often is this changed?

So always have a spare and buy new tires after a year if you can. You can also follow the expiration dates on them or change after 30,000 - 55,000 miles as a general rule. Price: ₦15,000 - ₦200,000 depending on brand and size.


Car tires are so important, you should probably change them every year on principle

5. Lights

You need headlights to drive at night, indicator lights (pointer) to signal when you turn and foglights to drive in bad weather conditions. Thus, when your lights are bad, change them quickly. Nigerian drivers experience accidents easily too and the lights are usually first to get damaged. This is why they are also considered one of the most replaced car parts in Nigeria.

  • How often is this changed?

However, even if your lights aren't broken, change them when they aren't bright enough anymore. It's best done after about a thousand hours of use. Price: ₦1999 - ₦135,000 depending on brand and size. Some high-end lights are ver expensive though like 2016 Toyota Venza LED light at ₦750,000.


Shut your eyes and walk around; that's how important your lights are at night

6. Fuel and water pumps

The fuel pump is needed to ensure that the engine receives enough gas from the tank. This means your fuel pump will constantly be running once a good car is on. However, it could get dirty or rusty which can lead to a malfunction.

  • How often is this changed?

You can change it after 40,000 - 120,000 miles or after 6 months, depending on how often you drive. For the water pump, on the other hand, it ensures the radiator and engine stay cool once the car is on. You can change every 60,000 miles. Price: ₦6,500 - ₦11,500 depending on brand and size.

7. Spark plugs

Spark plugs are why your car comes on and fuel is burnt to build acceleration amongst others. Changing spark plugs are common in Nigeria especially with commercial drivers. The good thing is they aren't expensive and you don't need a professional mechanic to change yours when you can get it done yourself.

  • How often is this changed?

Though spark plugs last over 50,000 miles, change as soon as you notice a problem associated with it. Price: ₦1000 - 5000 depending on brand and size.


Spark plugs wear out and need to be changed for better fuel combustion

Video: Spark Plug Replacement DIY (the ULTIMATE Guide)

8. Honorable mentions

Other parts that are changed frequently in Nigeria include:

  • Suspensions (Different parts of the suspension system can wear out at different times)
  • Shock absorbers (Price: ₦12,000 - ₦19,000 depending on brand and size)
  • Door handles (Price: ₦1400 -  depending on brand and size)
  • Nuts and bolts (Price: ₦50 - ₦2000 depending on brand and size)
  • Car cover seats (Price: ₦12,000 - ₦19,000 depending on brand and size)
  • Keyfobs (Price: ₦1,400 - ₦20,000 depending on brand and size)

So don't feel bad that you change these most replaced car parts in Nigeria so often because you're definitely not alone. Simply ensure you aren't damaging them on purpose and save as much as you can.

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