Boeing GE9X engine officially recognized as the world's most powerful jet engine


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In case you don't know yet; the Boeing 777X's GE9X engine has been stamped with a new Guinness World record for "World's Most Powerful jet engine". See it here!

This is one of the most interesting reports we have received this week here at Naijauto as we are fully aware of the recent Boeing aircraft crashes and the resulting technical /reputational challenges faced by the company.

The gigantic GE9X engine of the new Boeing 777X aircraft has been officially declared as the most powerful jet engine in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

From a past record on November 10th, 2017; this powerful GE9X engine was able to maintain a whopping 134,300 lb of thrust when undergoing an engineering test.


This is the gigantic Boeing 777X’s GE9X engine that can maintain a huge 127,900lb of thrust

The older GE90-115B engine was actually the one holding this same Guinness world record previously as it powers the massive Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and was also able to maintain 127,900 lb of thrust when it was put to test in the year 2002.

This recent announcement of the Guinness World Record declared for the Boeing 777X’s GE9X engine directly coincides with the July 12, 2019 celebration of the engine maker – General Electric’s 100s-year anniversary.

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Boeing representative receives a new Guinness World Record for its 777X’s GE9X engine

David Joyce, the Chief Executive and President of GE Aviation said;

“While we didn’t set out to break the thrust Guinness World Record title, we are proud of the engine’s performance….”

 Even though Boeing is still battling with its current challenges, this new Guinness World Record will surely benefit the company positively in terms of an overall image when it comes to quality and acclaimed aircrafts’ strength.

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