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Commercial transportation is popular in Abuja. Residents ply different bus stop to their destinations. Check out the top 5 most crowded bus stops in the city!

Abuja is a popular city. Not just in Nigeria but also across the world. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; it’s the capital city of the largest black nation. Visitors into the country have one thing or the other to do in the city. Besides being the helm of affairs in regard to governance of the country, Abuja is a nice place to live. For starters, it’s void of the “craziness” present in cities like Lagos. Life in Abuja is calmer and more peaceful. Residents go about their daily lives one step at a time without much drama.

Like every other city, there are various bus stops in the Federal Capital Territory. These bus stops are the points where residents of various towns in the city board and alight from vehicles or they enter to their various destinations. These bus stops may not be as busy as bus stops in Lagos, but they certainly do hold their own weight in living up to the task of serving the transportation needs of residents. In this piece, Naijauto will put the spotlight on the most crowded bus stops in the Abuja.


Abuja city gate that welcomes you on arrival from the Airport

1. Berger

Berger can pass for the most popular bus stop in the capital city. This is because it’s located at the center of the city – a location connecting to several other locations. No matter where you are going to, when you arrive at Berger, you are sure to find a vehicle that will either take you to your location or the closest bus stop to your location.

Berger is very close to Wuse – a popular terminal in town. Passengers from Wuse often move down to Berger to get a vehicle to their location. If you are driving, you’ll come across passengers standing by the road, beckoning on you to carry them. These passengers aren’t necessarily looking for a lift; they are willing to pay for the ride. Some motorists in Abuja carry them for a fee.


Just look at the pedestrian bridge nearby, you know how crowded the Berger bus stop is

2. Area 1

At other bus stops, you are most likely to hear drivers and conductors shouting “Area 1.” And that’s because many people get to Area 1 before connecting to their location. Area 1 is a commercial center itself. It has several offices and businesses. To get to their workplaces, residents who aren’t mobile, go through the Area 1 bus stop on their way to and from work.

At rush hours, there’s heavy traffic in Area 1 as people struggle to find their way. But no matter how heavy the traffic gets, it’s not as bad as Lagos traffic.

3. Zuba

Zuba is in the outskirt of Abuja. It’s the go-to bus stop for residents who live in some of the outskirts such as Lugbe, Gwagwalada, Dei Dei, Madalla and Suleja amongst others. People going out of the capital city to neighboring states like Kano and Kadua also make use of the Zuba bus stop to get vehicles headed for those locations.


Even when it's stuck, the traffic is still better than in Lagos

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4. Dutse

Also referred to as Dutse-Alhaji, it’s a bus stop often used by people who live in places like Bwari, Kubwa and environs. This bus stop is made more popular by the Dutse market situated beside it. Visitors who troop to the market on Mondays to buy various items are familiar with the bus stop as it’s where they get vehicles to their locations.

If you aren’t going to the market, Naijauto advises that you avoid that route on Monday mornings and evenings because it’s very crowded, leading to serious traffic.

5. Nyanya

Last but not the least is Nyanya. This is quite popular to both residents and non-residents because it marks the border between Abuja and Nassarawa State. When you pass Nyanya, you get into Mararaba – a city in Nassarawa.


The Nyanya bus terminal in Abuja

The Nyanya – Mararaba road connecting to AYA is a traffic den because some residents of Nassarawa state work and frequent Abuja via this single road. Besides offering vehicles going into Abuja town, Nyanya bus stop also offers vehicles going to Plateau, Bauchi, Kaduna, Nassarawa and other northern states.

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