Money rain! Drivers scramble over ₦62 million flying across the road


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Manna from heaven! Drivers in Georgia stopped to pick dollar bills flying across the road. Click below to read how the hilarious incident happened!

What would you do if you saw money flying across the highway? Would you think it is manna from heaven? Your answer is most likely the same answer most people would give. No fewer than fifteen drivers in Georgia ran out of their cars to get a piece of the $175,000, approximately ₦62 million, they saw flying across the road.

Police in the area received a call at about 8 pm that there was a rain of cash on the road. Concerned citizens who called 911 to make the report stated that some drivers parked on the Dunwoody interstate, not too far from Atlanta, and alighted to pick as much money as they could.


People quickly stopped to catch the flying cash

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In a post on Facebook, the Police Department in Dunwoody stated that, when they arrived at the scene of the incident, they saw an armored truck parked on the right side of the interstate. Occupants of the armored truck said they were not on a money sharing spree. According to them, their door accidently opened while moving, and the money flew out. They could not ascertain the exact amount of money that flew out but estimated it to be about $175,000.


No less than 15 cars have stopped along the road to pick money

The police assisted the crew members to pick some of the money on the ground when they arrived, but a chunk of it was already taken by the eager motorists. Taking to Facebook last Tuesday, Dunwoody Police condemned the act, saying:

“While we certainly understand the temptation, it’s still theft and the money should be returned.

We are thankful there were no crashes or pedestrians struck as a result of this isolated cash storm.”

In response to the post, some of the motorists brought back the money they picked, said the police in another Facebook post.

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