Look back Mompha's ₦600m car collection, which he may miss the most?


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If you are in doubt about the arrested Instagram celebrity, Mompha, having some incredibly expensive cars in his ₦600m collection, take a peek!

For all those wanting to know the type of expensive cars that the embattled Mompha has been flaunting on Instagram before his recent arrest, Naijauto has packed the top ones for you in this article. Feed your eyes as looking through the ₦600m Mompha's car collection below!


Mompha calls himself “Citizen of the sky” as he is a certified first-class platinum customer of Emirates Airline

Mompha owns so many expensive cars from the world’s top luxury brands like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mclaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more. He even recently bought one of the super-exclusive 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII that cost about ₦160 million, with just 50 units of the model ever produced.

1. Mompha's Mercedes AMG G63

Ismaila Mustapha p.k.a Mompha has been a popular Instagram sensation for a very long time, with his flamboyant display of expensive luxury cars and an ostentatious lifestyle. If he was not showing off a new car he had just acquired, he would most likely be flaunting hard currencies or body wears.

And the very first automobile he showed off is this Mercedes AMG G63 which costs at least ₦53.1 million. The car model can't be missed in any Big Boy's garage.


Just like many other Nigerian celebrities, Mompha also fancies the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG a.k.a “G-Wagon”

2. Mompha's Rolls-Royces

Many people often doubt and mock his new car show-offs on Instagram, but he usually comes back sometimes to post pictures of the original receipt of the cars just to prove that he truly bought them in cash.

The 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith cost him around ₦119.3 million while the latest 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII is priced over ₦162 million.


Mompha owns both 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith and the exclusive 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII

3. Mompha's Lamborghinis

Mompha’s car collection cannot be compared to that of many Nigerian celebrities that also flaunt cars on Instagram, because his collection is worth more than ₦600 million naira by rough estimates.

Just his Lamborghini Aventador cost ₦151 million, let alone the Lamborghini Huracan whose suggested retail price tag is about ₦73.6 million, excluding the delivery fees or tax.


The embattled Mompha is also a fan of Italian Lamborghini supercars – he has the Aventador and Huracan

4. Other luxury cars in Mompha's car collection

It might take us all day to list out all cars in his garage with their shocking price tags. For example, he owns a Ferrari 488 Spider at ₦108 million and a Mclaren 650s priced ₦95.5 million.


Talk of a man with expensive taste – Mompha is also a proud owner of a super expensive McLaren 650S sports car

He also acquired a Range Rover (₦32.1 million) and Chevrolet Tahoe (₦17.8 million).


The expensive Chevrolet Tahoe and Range Rover SUV models are also part of Mompha’s exotic car collection

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Just as many already know, Mompha is currently in EFCC custody under allegations of him being linked with a case of Money laundering and Internet fraud. However, the Instagram celebrity doesn’t seem scared or remorseful from any of his “arrest” pictures posted by the anti-graft agency. No one is sure yet if this will mean the end of his flamboyant lifestyle or if he will later be released to walk free again.


Mompa doesn’t look stressed or remorseful in any of his “arrest” pictures released by the EFCC so far

Will the “citizen of the sky” return to flying business class and showing off his luxury rides? No one can ultimately answer this question for now and neither does anyone know the full story of his alleged crime till now. Nonetheless, he is still the proud owner of all the cars you have seen so far.

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