Jungle justice! Angry mob sets suspected traffic robber on fire in Lagos


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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There's no mercy in the jungle! A suspected traffic robber met his Waterloo as he was caught and set ablaze by a mob after robbing a motorist. Check details below!

An angry mob had no mercy for a suspected traffic robber as they set him on fire around International Trade Fair, Badagry Expressway in Lagos on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Naijauto gathered that the suspect was part of a three-man group infamous for tormenting motorists and commuters in that area. The suspect, in the company of his gang members, were spotted gallivanting aroundTrade Fair earlier in the day, arousing suspicion of people in the area that they were about to strike.

According to our findings, the suspects drove three motorcycles around the area, and parked them afterwards close to Abule-Osun.

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It's not the first time suspected robbers are set ablaze by the mob

An eyewitness disclosed that the suspects were observed by several people including the Police. One of them crossed to the other side of the road and robbed a motorist before taking off. He was chased by the Police but escaped as traffic along the road hindered the Police from going after him. However, he soon ran out of luck as motorists who were observing the situation joined in pursuing him and eventually got hold of him.

“They set him ablaze before the police could get to the location. The boys have made life unbearable for people using the road because of the bad portions. Traffic usually builds there, so they make it a habit to terrorize road users.

“No one saw his other accomplices. I don’t support jungle justice, but I think people are tired of waiting for the Nigerian legal system,” said a source who pleaded not to be named.

The incident was confirmed by spokesman of the Police Bala Elkana. The Deputy Superintendent (DSP) noted that, while fleeing from the Police, the suspect ran into the mob who were quick to set him ablaze before the Police could get to the scene

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