MOAR Fat Tyre E-bike breaks the limits of a normal car to pull an SUV


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A bike can pull an SUV? Hard to imagine, right? Then comes the MOAR Fat Tyre E-bike, check its specs & powerful performance here!

The MOAR Fat Tyre E-bike would break the stereotype about a bike being a weak vehicle in your mind. Its frame is made of aircraft aluminum and designed to be folded in half easily. Besides, it has two fat tires of 26x4 inches, appropriate for off-road adventures.

The bike features 48v Li-ion battery pack which supplies enough power for the 1000 watt motor to travel 50 miles by electricity only and 85 miles in the pedal-assist mode. The energy from this power system’s enough to pull an SUV being at rest.


They use aircraft aluminum to make the MOAR E-Bike’s frame

For pedal riding or off-road riding, it can reach the top speed of 30mph in off-road or pedal riding mode while the speed is limited at 25mph (the speed of a scooter) in normal-riding mode.


The bike can be folded in half easily

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In addition to above features, the foldable bike comes equipped with a gear system of nine speeds, rotor disc brakes, turn signals, brake lights and LED headlights, and batteries which takes around 4 to 5 hours to be fully recharged.


LED headlights help you much on the road if it’s dark

There are three different bike models for you to choose, going with different battery packs and prices: $999 (~N360,000) for 10Ah, $1,199 (~N432,000) for 13Ah, and $1,999 (~N719,700) for 17Ah.

Biking is such an interesting and beneficial activity, and we hope that with this MOAR Fat Tyre E-bike, people can completely enjoy the weekend with healthy activity of riding the bike. It not simply perks up the health of its users but also drives humans to a environment-friendly soluation, gradually wipping out the use of unrenewable fuel. And above all, the electric bike will save us a bunch.


The rotor disc brake in MOAR E-Bike

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