Mitsubishi to stop producing the popular Pajero SUV after 2021

Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Mitsubishi announces plans to eventually close its Pajero manufacturing plant which will lead to halting the production of the rugged SUV loved by Nigerians.

It is now official that the legendary Mitsubishi Pajero SUV model is retiring next year. Yes, this will probably not come as good news for some Nigerians who love the rugged Pajero SUV. The Japanese automaker had initially released the “Final Edition” series of the Pajero SUV sometimes last year in Japan and now it plans to discontinue the production globally.


Mitsubishi plans to discontinue production of the popular Pajero SUV model in 2021

According to fresh reports, Mitsubishi is planning to re-arrange and later close down its manufacturing plant which currently produces the popular rugged Pajero SUV model. Sources claim that the Pajero production plant is located right in the Gifu Prefecture at the Chubu region of Honshu, Japan.

The reason for the decision to close down the facility is linked with a huge drop in its production output in recent years making it less profitable to operate any longer.

One point to note though is the fact that the eventual discontinuation of the Pajero SUV model is only a “speculation” of most automobile experts and media outlets as the plant will be shutting down officially. However, Mitsubishi itself is yet to release any official press statement confirming that it will stop/discontinue the production of the popular Pajero SUV as of the time of writing this report.

It would be a hard decision to make because the current Pajero model is among the longest-surviving generations of the SUV with a record of 15-year production period. Ever since its introduction in 2006, the Pajero SUV model only got extensive facelifts between 2009 and 2015.  

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