Embarrassing mistake from the Porsche manufacturer


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Errors and slips are inevitable in every process. But still, the famous manufacturer seemed to make a mistake that is totally unforgivable. Check below for the picture!

Human beings are prone to make mistakes. In fact, it's through trials and errors that mankind has advanced this far. The tendency to make mistakes, revise ideas and be aware of our owns shortcomings is the very factor that propeled mankind forward and make us superior to all other life forms. Okay, sorry for getting all biological here. Long story short, mistakes are acceptable, as long as they're minor and don't cause too much a trouble to the involved parties. 


The plate number was covered to keep the identity of the owner safe

One of our famous car brands make a mistake that, at first, seems to fall in that category, but dissapointingly doesn't. One driver who was driving behind a porsche Cayenne when he spotted something weird in the back of the SUV.

The name of the brand, Porsche, was mispronounced, or should I say misaligned, to "Porshce".

This incident sparked discussions on the internet. Some easy-going people said the mistake was acceptable as some workers may be inattentive during the assembly process while others insist that this one is acutally taken care of by machines, so any error at this point has to be systematic, and Porsche should be ashamed of this.

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The representative insisted that the brand's reputation doesn't allow this mistake to happen

A spokeperson from Porsche joined in the discussion in the defense of the brand and specifically said that the checking process comprises 2 separate procedures, from the factory end and the delivery end, so there's no way that a faulty car would make it to the market. "We uphold the superior standard very seriously, any mistake on that picture might have been caused by the owner of the car", he added.

Rhetorical and convincing it may sound, juding by the font of the word, it looks pretty original to me. The chance of it being modified by the owner is very low. 

All discussions aside, with the 3.0 V6 turbo engine, capable of producing more than 336 hp and reach 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds, it's probably still worthwhile to buy one of this.

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