Mikano says Geely Autos is investing ₦20.6 billion to develop healthy cars


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Mikano Int. Company has revealed that its partner, Geely Autos, is designating ₦20.6billion to the development of healthy and intelligent cars. Read More!

The popular Nigerian power company, Mikano International Ltd, recently disclosed that its partner, Geely Automotive company, is developing healthy and intelligent vehicles with ₦20.6 billion. This initiative is reportedly targeted at ensuring optimum passenger safety by reinventing cars in a way that tackles health concerns like the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mikano Int. Ltd says Geely Automotive Company is contributing ₦20.6billion to the development of healthy and intelligent cars

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Based on press reports, the vision of Geely Automotive company is not to develop “specialized” medical service vehicles but rather to make ordinary consumer vehicles safer in terms of overall passenger health. This initiative comprises the development and integration of sophisticated virus protection system to ordinary consumer cars.

Reports claim that the vision of Geely Auto company is to create vehicles that will be capable of isolating harmful substances present in the air from entering a car. Also, these healthy vehicles should be able to swiftly and intelligently purify the entire cabin air to protect passengers (occupants) from harmful viruses like the COVID-19.


Geely Auto company is working towards creating consumer vehicles that can protect you from deadly viruses like the COVID-19

The official press statements of the CEO and president of Geely Auto Group also confirms that the company’s design networks in China, USA and Europe will be working together to research and develop these healthier cars. The team of experts will be tasked with finding newer environmentally safe and sustainable materials that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties suitable for making the air-conditioning system of cars.

Having said that, like electric cars, these types of cars are also likely to have a long way to go before being launched in the Nigerian auto market.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning a few tips for protecting your car against COVID-19 virus, watch this video.

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