Microsoft and BMW are now working on Smarter on-Board Voice Assistant


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Microsoft and BMW with their Intelligent Personal Assistant technology, there will be no need to stress yourself ever again while driving newer BMW car. Click here to see why!

BMW is currently working with Microsoft to create a platform, which is open source that will enable conversations in the future with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant more multi-modal and natural sounding.

The use of artificial intelligence tech and Microsoft Azure-powered BMW Open Mobility Cloud are noted to be consistently improving the capabilities of personal assistant to interact with users.

“Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator built on Azure provides the necessary technological basis, leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud and AI capabilities such as Bot Framework and Cognitive Services.”


The newly developed technology allows this virtual assistant to interact more comfortably with driver

This means that BMW customers can now set up an appointment at their preferred BMW dealership via the personal assistant. With this technology, users should be able to manage their emails and calendar appointment or schedules while driving.

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With the aid of this collaborative tech by BMW and Microsoft, your daily tasks are just sorted out right now!

These multiple solution that are currently under the joint partnership of BMW and Microsoft development team located in Seattle and Munich, are borne out of the aim to create an on-board assistant, which can comfortable maintain a natural conversation with users with cross-channel capabilities.

Microsoft Virtual Assistant demo with BMW – Demo @ BUILD 2019

When you send a voice command in the new BMW products, your request will be granted like changing of cabin temperature and several other enabled tasks in the car. With time, there will be improvement on the updates as the software is expanding. Looks like future is bright after all.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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