US traffic officer pulls Banana car over, gives its driver $20


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The world is full of creative folks. This banana car was pulled over by a Michigan officer but then earned $20 for the driver. Check the reasons why!

Being asked to pull over on the highway by a traffic police officer can earn you a ticket in Michigan USA... unless you're driving a banana car.

Michigan State trooper, Bill Strouse, was on his duty post when he sighted a banana-shaped vehicle slowing approaching down the Ottawa Lake highway. He couldn't believe his eyes. To him, it was the coolest thing he has ever seen as a trooper on the road.


The traffic officer thought the banana car was the coolest thing he has seen as a trooper on the road

The driver and owner of the 15-foot banana vehicle, Steve Braithwaite, has been on a road trip and drives across the US on his fruit car, according to reports. A trip he calls "The World Needs More Whimsy Grand Tour".

He was pulled over by Strouse, the trooper, who carried out a safety check on some parts of the car to know if its road-worthy. Naijauto gathered that Strouse checked the brake lights, headlights, windshield wipers, and turn signals. He also looked at Braithwaite's license, and while handing it back to him, wrapped the license up in a $20 (₦7,250).

The trooper gave Braithwaite $20 while returning his license to him

The trooper said,

"The big banana checked out just fine," Strouse said. "I noticed the sign on the back of his banana and it said he was raising money and driving across America. That seemed like a very fun and noble thing to do. So, I pulled out my wallet and thought I would contribute."


Braithwaite makes a living with his car by giving folks rides

It took Braithwaite $25,000 (₦9 million) and 2.5 years, with the help of his friends to build his banana car, using a 1993 model Ford F-150 truck. He makes a living with his car by giving folks rides. His riders are mostly children.

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