Michelin and General Motors introducing airless tires by 2024


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Michelin in partnership with General Motors are coming with airless tires to every road by 2024 that can't bust or suffer problem of abnormal tear. Click here to see more!

It is not strange when you feel it is such bad idea taking air out of a person, but it is a different thing entirely with tires, which come with lot of gains. This research is currently going on with Michelin on what it requires to introduce a car tire free of pressure into the market for quite some time. Looks like with its partnership with General Motors, this research is finally coming unto reality. The company believes that these Uptis tires would be seen as soon as 2024 on the road. This product was made known recently at the Movin’On Summit by the two companies for sustainable mobility.


This revolutionary airless tire by Michelin by 2024 will be perfect for all kinds of terrain without fear of burst

Vision Concept Tire is a reality based company’s evolution, which means the Uptis will take the Tweel airless tire already used for commercial vehicles and deploy for use by consumers. So, instead of depending on pressure from the air, the Uptis’s internal composite structure will provide all support needed by the thread. Uptis is fully known as “Unique Puncture-proof Tire system".

Expect nothing like blow-out again in this new innovation. Also, there will be nothing like abnormal tear, which according to Michelin happens when the tires are not properly inflated. There will be drastic reduction in the annual scrapped 200 million tires due to premature damage. This airless tire is a smart move towards sustainability.

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GM And Michelin Airless Tires

To know its performance rate, Chevrolet Bolt EV would be used for such test. According to Michelin, these tires will be heavier than convention ones you see around and such deficit would be reduced in the future by removing kits and jacks for flat tires from subsequent production car.

With this partnership and if everything goes according to plan, GM and Michelin are hoping to make it happen in the next 5 years. This will also make other producing brands to come onboard afterward. That would definitely be an end for compact spare tire when it finally happens.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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