[Video] Mexican Mayor tied to truck and dragged for not fulfilling campaign promises


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Mexican folks have a way of holding their elected officials accountable. Watch as they tied a mayor to a truck, dragging him along the street!

Politicians are known for making big promises during a campaign to win the hearts of electorates so they can vote for them. And after being elected into office, they pursue their personal interests without going back to fulfill those promises.


Mayor Jorge as he was tied to the truck and dragged along the street

But it seems Mexican electorates have a way of getting back at their own politicians who fail to fulfill their campaign promises when elected. Reports gathered by Naijauto have it that some irate Mexican farmers kidnapped their village mayor, Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández, tied him to a pick-up truck and dragged him through their town in Southern Mexico for failure to fulfill his campaign promises.

Mayor Hernandez was freed by the police who intervened on getting wind of the attack.

The incident was filmed as the mayor was being dragged by the pick up along the street while a mob ran after him.

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While campaigning for the position, Hernandez had promised to fix the local road, bring electricity and water to the community roughly inhabited by 500 people. Now, the village farmers are demanding the fulfillment of those promises.

This isn't the first attack from the farmers, as a group of people had invaded his office four months ago, ransacking everywhere. Hernández was reported to have gone to the central square to give a speech, telling Santa Rita villagers that he won't be intimidated while accusing their leaders of being responsible for the attack.

Watch the video below.:

Video: The mayor was yet to fulfill his campaign promises to the electorates who voted him in

Mexican Mayor's and their local politicians are constantly the targets of drug gangs when they decline a bribe offer from the drug lords.

10 persons sustained injuries as a result of the incident while 11 were apprehended.

Mayor Hernandez told the police the attack was an attempt to murder him and that he will be pressing charges.


Mayor Hernandez told the police the attack was an attempt to murder him

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