Despite its failed debut, Mexican Mayor orders 15 Tesla Cybertrucks for Trash Collectors and Police


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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A Mexican mayor has ordered 15 Tesla Cybertrucks for Police and Trash Collectors in his area to save ₦432million annually on fuel and maintenance. Read his sharings below!

Among all the updates we have gotten so far here at Naijauto this week, a recent report of a Mexican mayor surprised us the most. The Mayor is said to have placed an order for 15 new Tesla Cybertrucks for the Trash collectors and Police of his area because he believes the electric truck will save them ₦432 million ($1.2 million) annually compared to diesel or petrol-powered vehicles.


Mexican Mayor orders 15 Tesla Cybertrucks for Trash Collectors and Police to save $1.2 million annually on fuel and maintenance

This smart Mexican leader is said to be Adrián Esper Cárdenas, the current Mayor of Ciudad Valles City in Mexico. The mayor has reportedly ordered this 15 new Tesla Cybertruck with his own personal money and not from the government’s pocket. His orders were said to have fallen between the price range of ₦18 million to ₦25.2 million ($49,900 - $69,900).

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After placing this incredible order, the mayor in a press conference said;

“I reserved 10 two-motor and five three-motor models,”

“We’ll take a photo and send it to [Tesla CEO] Elon Musk, see if he gives us a discount.”

“It’s not about speed, because we don’t want speed. What we’re looking for is torque in order to haul water pipes, the garbage trailers. They’ll have twice the loads of a normal truck,”

“The important thing is that regardless of the fact that the cost can be a little high, the benefit is that if you don’t have to perform maintenance or put gas in them, you’ll be able to save 24 million pesos a year, and with that you’ve paid back half of the investment,”


Dubai police will also have Tesla Cybertruck joined their car fleet soon

This is Mexican Mayor is not the first to make this type of move towards supporting the use of electric truck because just last weeks, Dubai police also tweeted that the Tesla Cybertruck will be joining its fleet of patrol cars soon. See the tweet below;

Fingers crossed till the year 2020 when delivery of the Tesla Cybertrucks will begin.

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