The battle of Private Jets: Messi vs Neymar vs Ronaldo!


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How about a quick review of the private jets owned and used by the 3 greatest footballers of today – Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo? See the brief review here now!

It’s “private jet” overview time on and in this post, we have selected to briefly review the luxury private jets owned by each of the world’s top 3 best players as of 2019 – Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo.

Any soccer fan will accept that so far, these three are currently the greatest footballers of this generation!

They are each blessed with sublime soccer skills that have over the years earned them a massive measure of fortune and fame. They all currently play in the biggest and world’s top major leagues for the most popular football clubs all over the world.

Many brands around the world compete head-to-head just to get these three footballers to sign endorsement contracts with them. They all have amazingly high demanded presence and attention all over the world as of now.

This is why they each have private jets to provide them comfortability during their frequent travels for tours, holidays, business trips, family trips and so on.

These three each own and maintain extreme luxury private jets that match up with their exclusive lifestyle. Let’s take a quick look at each of their aircraft;

1. Neymar Jr. private jet

Neymar or “Neymar Jr.” as many people prefer to call him goes by the real name; Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. He is one of such great footballers who spends as much as he earns.


Neymar Jr. highlighting in style from his private jet

In a 2012 Forbes publication, the magazine company reported that Neymar Jr. was clearly spending his way directly into bankruptcy because of his “irresponsible” reckless spending habits as at that time. But as time go by, Forbes appears to have been proven wrong.


Luxury and comfort provided within the interior of Neymar Jr.’s private jet

This young footballer currently owns a beautiful Embraer Phenom 100 private jet. This aircraft if branded with his initials “NRJ” in its most visible parts. The aircraft was built in the year 2011 with a 203 serial number and it costs approximately $4 million (₦1.4 billion).


Neymar Jr. posing with his super costly private jet

Neymar Jr. also owns another private jet which is a luxurious Cessna Citation 680. This jet was built in the year 2008 and it costs approx. $5 million (₦1.8 billion).

He also owns a private helicopter which is a Eurocopter EC130B4 which costs $4 million (₦1.4 billion) as well.

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2. Cristiano Ronaldo private jet

This super hardworking Portuguese young footballer is by far one of the most popular and loved footballers that Nigeria youths can go crazy for.

He is so talented and always extraordinary on the soccer field. He is currently signed to Juventus FC – an Italian football team as of the time of publishing this article.



Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo strikes a nice pose with his Gulfstream G650 luxurious private jet

Ronaldo currently owns a massive 18-seater Gulfstream G650 jet that is valued at a whopping €19 million (₦7.7 billion).

He uses this aircraft to fly all over the world for his trips and tours but rents it out at a €6,000 (₦2.4 million) cost when he’s not using the plane thereby helping him to recoup some of the maintenance cost.


Catch the view of luxury inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Jet

This Ronaldo’s private jet is equipped with entertainment systems, fridge for cold drinks, electric oven, microwave, fax, telephone, internet access, wardrobes, separate bathrooms for both the passengers and crew.

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3. Lionel Messi private jet

There is hardly anywhere one could be in Nigeria and not hear the name, Lionel Messi. He is considered to be one of the greatest footballers in this century.

He is a 32-year-old Argentine professional footballer that has won many awards and set many world records so far in his football career. He definitely deserves his grand style of travel in his private jet.


Lionel Messi boarding his Embraer Legacy 650 private jet to embark on a trip in comfort

This Barcelona FC super starts footballer flies around the world in his brand new customized private jet which is of business class – the Embraer Legacy 650 which is currently worth about $15 million ((₦5.4 billion).

Actually, this very aircraft isn’t directly owned by this football superstar rather it has been leased to him by a generous Argentine Company to help the footballer travel all over the world with his friends and family in the best of luxury.


This is the type of luxury that a football superstar like Lionel Messi enjoys

This 16-seater aircraft, however, has been branded on the exterior with Messi’s signature number “10” on its tail which is the jersey number of the footballer himself.

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Likewise, the staircase/steps of this aircraft are being branded with the names of the football superstar himself, his wife “Antonella”, and children “Thiago, Ciro, Mateo”.


Names of Lionel Messi, his wife “Antonella”, and children “Thiago, Ciro, Mateo” branded on the jet’s steps

Which one of these 3 has the best private jet?

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