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Curvaceous actress and now a movie producer Mercy Johnson is one of the highest paid celebrities in Nigeria! Her biography and life events are always hunted for. So here is Mercy Johnson car collection to wow you a bit!

Mercy Johnson Okojie, popularly known by the stage name, Mercy Johnson, is one of the most popular Nigerian female actresses. She is a movie producer and a top socialist - as she's considered one of the most approachable celebrities in the entertainment industry.

In this article by - the biggest car website in Nigeria, we will show you Mercy Johnson car collection, let's dive in!

1. Story of Mercy Johnson cars

Mercy Johnson doesn't hide the beauty of the multi million naira mansion she lives with her husband in Ajah, Lagos. The multiple bedroom mansion also has a garage to die for, as you find some of the latest wonder on wheels that Mercy Johnson and her husband drive.


Range Rover Sport 2013 - the first car gift from her husband

The very first major luxury car Mercy Johnson got while married was the Range Rover Sport 2013 model which her husband gifted her immediately after their wedding. The vehicle is said to have cost about 30 million naira at the time. This was at a period where the Range Rover sport cars were signature vehicles for anyone who wants to feel like the elite class in the society. She has been seen driving the vehicle to movie shoot locations and events around Lagos.


Mercy Johnson Lexus RX costs around N15 million at the time

About a year after getting the Range Rover sport SUV, Mercy Johnson also got a new latest model of the Lexus RX. It was a gift to congratulate her for giving birth to their first child, Purity. The car is estimated to also cost over 15 million naira as the time. It was the highest trim level and came with customized features.


The special customized number plate on Mercy Johnson's luxury Lexus car

In 2015 (about 2 years later), rumours went round that her husband, Prince Odi had gifted Mercy a third vehicle believed to be a Mercedes Benz G-class. If this news is anything to go by, then we'll be looking at a 50 million naira SUV. These 3 cars goes to show how fabulous Mercy Johnson's garage looks.


Mercy Johnson and her G-wagon at the movie shoot location

2. How much is Mercy Johnson's net worth?

It's also worthy to note that Mercy Johnson is one of the most sought after and highest paid actresses in Africa. Holding ₦700 million naira net worth, she is actualy the second richest actress in Nigeria, after Genevieve Nnaji. She's believed to earn a whooping 3.5 million naira per movie, and she has acted in over a hundred. The voluptuous actress is also an ambassador of several brands and earns quite a huge sum from endorsements. Therefore, with all that money, you can have an idea of how rich she is.


The much talked about Mercy Johnson car collection

4. Mercy Johnson biography

  • Mercy Johnson age

Mercy Johnson was born on August 28,1984 in Lagos. She is 35 years old now.

Mercy Johnson Okojie ia a daughter and 4th child of former naval officer, Daniel Johnson. She's a native of Okene, Kogi state. Due to the nature of her father's job, she got to move around a lot. First was in Calabar where she received primary education, then Lagos for secondary school studies and eventually Rivers state. Not long after she graduated from school, she attended an audition for her first major movie role, "The Maid", and she was promptly selected. This launched her deeply into the nollywood scene and saw her starring as lead or supporting actress in some blockbuster films, year in and year out.

In her free time, she enjoys trips to several cities with her family and friends. She's considered one of the most sought after actresses, thanks to her versatility. She's well paid and spends a substantial amount of her money on nice cars, fashionable outfits, gadgets and lots more.


Mercy Johnson and the house she is believed to be living in

  • Mercy Johnson movies & awards

Some of Mercy Johnson's popular movies include - Dumebi the dirty girl, Baby Oku in America, the Hustler, Desperate ladies, Evil agenda, Kezaiah, Thanksgiving, Take me Home, The Scorpion god, One bullet, Area mama, Tiger king, Kolomental and many more.

Full list of films that Mercy Johnson has starred in can be found here.

It's worthy to note that the talented actress has been a part of over a hundred movies and gets some good pay from it. This has all resulted in her winning awards including the prestigious African Magic TV awards for best actress in 2013. At the African movie awards in 2016, she also won best supporting actress. This definitely catapulted her to international stardom. Between 2012 - 2016, the actress was listed by Google among the most searched Nigerian celebrities.


The beautiful family of Mercy Johnson

  • Mercy Johnson's husband & wedding

In 2011, she got married to her heartrob, Prince Odianosen Okojie. He's royalty from Benin city in Nigeria. Together, they have three children - Purity, Henry and the last born. She has always given birth to her kids in the USA, making everyone believe she wants them to have a second citizenship. Rumours also have it that her husband has another wife and kids in Canada, and this caused an uproar a few weeks to her wedding in Lagos. He has since declined comment and the couple seem to be living happily ever after.

Watch the best moments in Mercy Johnson's wedding here!

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