Mercedez-Benz January sales figure hits 180,000 worldwide


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Despite a slight decrease, Mercedez Benz cars sales in the first month of 2019 mark the second-best January ever.

I. The sales figure in January

The figures in January 2019 for Mercedes-Benz was promising, as this is the second highest number ever. The total sales, however, saw a 6,7% decline. The total number was dragged down mainly by the disappointing figures for 3 models, CLA, GLE, and B-Class, all of which showed a 2-digit decrease. The company representatives said this is expected as the market needs time to familiarize itself to the adjustments in the 3 models.


The number is gloomy, but the company seemed optimistic

In the year 2019, Mercedez Benz expects to set a new high in sales, citing their accomplishments in 2018 of leading the premium car market in Brazil, Canada, the U.S, South Korea, etc. With a long-term vision, the strategic last 6 months of 2019 would see a dramatic boost, as information about car changes are widespread and the market's caution starts to fade. 


The main focus of Mercedez Benz in 2019 is the last 6 months

II. The details 

II. 1 By regions

With more than 180,000 units sold worldwide, almost all regions saw a decrease. In Europe and NAFTA, an 11.2 percent and 11.5 decline were reported, respectively. That of Asia-Pacific is no less dim. The only relatively good news is in China, where Mercedez sold more than 70,000 unit for the first time. 

II. 2 By models 

  • The A-class

This model is particularly favored in the Europe market, particularly Germany, with a 2-digit sales rise in the first month of the year. To be precise, worldwide shipping volume of the A-class rose by 35 percent.


The Mercedez superstar of January

  • The SUVs

This segment is responsible for the gloomy number of Mercedez in the first year- only 60 thousand units were sold, resulting in a 15,9 percent decrease. Those SUVs models are GLA, GLC, GLC coupe', GLE coupe', GLS, S-Class and the GLE as the main culprit for the trend.


GLE - the poster child of sales decline in January

  • C-Class Saloon and Estate

Mercedez Benz experienced a 2.8 percent increase in sales with the C-class Saloon and Estate as consumers in the UK, China and Germany seem to have an interest in them.

  • Smart

The sales for the microcar declined worldwide with 8297 units sold (-10,1%). Germany, where the Mercedez headquarters located, is once again the saviour, with the record high number and an 8 percent increase.


The figures for Germany show positive signs in all segments and models

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