Mercedes showcases X-Class truck pimped out as new police vehicle


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Check out police-spec Mercedes-Benz cars at the 2018 GPEC show.

At the 2018 GPEC (General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference) in Frankfurt, Germany, Mercedes-Benz brought its X-Class pick-up along with six other models pimped up for police. Besides, the visitors, thousands of security experts also can behold the entire range of Daimler vehicles specializing in police duty from Smart For Two to 8-wheeled Acros transporter.

Mercedes-Benz to Preview New Police Vehicles in Germany by BuzzStyle

Backstopping the Mercedes lineup is its E-Class wagon packing diesel engine in one fell swoop. In addition, the carmaker adds a GLC 350e 4Matic plug-in hybrid which is extremely responsive. For the X-Class, it is the perfect all-wheel-drive with LEOs which is appreciated as a German version of “Cops”.

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Mercedes-Benz cars

Mercedes-Benz cars for cops

Moreover, Mercedes also shows its vans, including two Vitos and one Sprinter. Speaking of the two Vito vans, one is a Tourer, serves as radio patrol vehicle duty and the other, coming with all-wheel drive, is supposed to serve customs departments. Meanwhile, a Sprinter is a personnel carrier that has been admired by European heist movie audiences.

The car manufacturer also brought a heavy-duty truck, the 8-wheeled Arocs 3251 L 8X4. This truck is able to perform logistical assignments, dismantle obstacles, launch heavy boats and place protective barriers. It’s also designed to be capable of carrying out high-altitude rescue, but it is advisable to avoid the type of mountaintop trouble which requires such heavy cavalry.

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