Mercedes-AMG introduces the world's most powerful four-cylinder engine


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Mercedes Benz has just announced that it has developed its most powerful four cylinder turbocharged engine. The engine displaces 2.0 liters and delivers 416 hp

Mercedes Benz has just announced that it has developed its most powerful four cylinder turbocharged engine.

The engine displaces 2.0 liters of fuel across the 4 cylinders, generating a solid 208.9 hp per liter of fuel consumed and an overall 416 horse power for the S variant engine, while the Base engine delivers about 382 horse power.  The all new Mercedes-AMG M139 engine delivers good torque too, set at 369 lb-foot at 5000 - 5250 rpm for the S variant and 354 lb-foot at 4750 - 5000 rpm for the base variant engine. The torque builds up gradually at high engine revolution but rises sharply at low engine revolution per minute. The Redline revve is set at 7200 rpm.

The all new AMG engine is so well designed for better natural aspiration and compactness. The exhaust manifold and the twin scroll turbocharger are moved to the rear close to the firewalls while the intake manifold is move to the front of the engine close to the front bumper.

Watch the newly introduced Mercedes-AMG powerful engine here!

Below are some impressive features of Mercedes-AMG most powerful four-cylinder engine!

1. Engine Block

The engine block is built for high performance. The high strength chill casted aluminum is utilized in building the engine block. These closed deck engines are designed to withstand high compression pressure (set at 159 bar or 2300 psi), and high performance while still maintaining its rigidity. Closed deck engines are known to possess poor cooling characteristics, however the aluminum material they are built with naturally aids cooling due to its high heat conductivity and transfer to the engine coolant.

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High strength chill casted aluminum is utilized in building the engine block

To improve the cooling characteristic of the engine, AMG recommends the low viscosity 0W-20 synthetic grade oil, as well as nanoslide coating plated on the piston liners friction control patented by AMG. To also enhance cooling, a more advance cooling system is deployed with the engine. This includes a double radiator system and the standard air to liquid intercoolers. The cooling processes across the mentioned heat exchanges are enhanced by an all new pump which AMG says ensures optimal heat dissipation and maximum engine output at the engine’s full operational range.

Also, the crankshaft and pistons which makeup the crank assembly are made of forged steel and forged aluminum respectively, while the sump comes with baffle plates that enhance better lubrication on the combustion chamber walls.

2. Twin-scroll Turbocharger

Roller bearings and an electronically controlled waste-gate actuator are now employed in the all new twin scroll turbocharger to manage friction. The turbochargers peak boost for the base variant engine is set at about 27.5 psi while that of the S-variant engine stands at 30.5 psi. The turbo system is cooled by a combination of 3 heat exchanging medium, including oil, water and air.

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3. Injection and Exhaust system

The new engine is designed with 16 valves, four valves per cylinder with the system utilizing a dual overhead camshaft control to manage the inlet and exhaust processes of the engine. The engine also makes us of the Camtronic system which is basically a more efficient Variable Valve Timing and Lift system that ensure higher fuel economy. The engine sports larger exhaust valves with the injectors and plugs repositioned on the cylinder head.

The injection system is a much improved and advanced version. The engine utilizes both direct fuel injector and the solenoid port fuel injection. The direct fuel injector is the primary fuel injection component, while the solenoid fuel injectors located at the intake manifolds work to supplement the direct injection system.

4. Construction

The Mercedes-AMG M139 engine are all hand built at the Affalterbach plant in Germany by specially trained technician under AMG’s “One Man One Engine” program. Each fully completed engine will have the signature tag of the specialist technician. The assembly process is highly automated, making the job easier and error free for the technicians.

The automated trolley which transport the all the tools require for the job, helps monitor the technician through the assembly process, eliminating unnecessary errors during the assembly operation.


The AMG M139 engine is built under AMG’s “One Man One Engine” program

Mercedes say the M139 will be combined with an advanced All-Wheel-Drive AWD and a 9 speed automatic transmission, which will be debut before the end of the year in the 2020 Mercedes Benz A45 AMG hatchback. We at Naijauto can’t expect the AMG M139 to be used in powering a host of other AMG cars like the GLB 45 and CLA45.

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