This crazy Mercedes G-Wagon carries front grille and headlights of a Rolls-Royce Ghost


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Have you seen this unbelievable Chinese modified Mercedes G-wagon that is fitted with the Front grille and Headlights of a Rolls-Royce Ghost? See it here!

Auto enthusiasts and engineers from China have taken the auto industry by surprise again!

Naijauto would have never imagined a powerful Mercedes-Benz G-wagon SUV being fitted with the front grille and headlights of a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Surprisingly, that is exactly what some Chinese car “Modders” have just done. Check out the fierce-looking modified G-Wagon SUV in the image below;


Hop into your new Mercedes G-wagon SUV that comes with the front grille and headlights of a Rolls-Royce Ghost

Even though this is not the first time that Chinese auto enthusiasts, tuners and engineers have rolled out ridiculously modified cars, this particular one is just simply unbelievable. It is the type of car that will make most Nigerians say “Wetin eye no go see for this life” 😊.

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This is the original Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUV that unfortunately suffered some body part removal and replacement

In case you are one of those people wondering what is “special” and/or “hilarious” about this unbelievable car modification, we have highlighted two fun facts for you below;

  • The original Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-wagon SUV that was “surgically” modified carries a price tag of around ₦47 million ($130,532)
  • The front grille and Headlights you are seeing on the modified G-Wagon above had been taken from a Roll-Royce Ghost luxury car that has a starting price of ₦117 million ($325,000)

So, would you have ever imagined some car modifiers deciding to play around with body parts belonging to two luxury car models that carry such huge price tags? Probably not!

If you still doubt maybe this modified car isn’t real, check out the Instagram post below where it was originally revealed;


A post shared by Unique Motorsports (@__uniquemotorsports__) on

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This modified G-Wagon SUV is a totally “crazy” idea, isn’t it?

However, we still cannot deny the fact that the end result is really fun to see and we look forward to seeing more of such unimaginable modified cars in the future from the Chinese guys.

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