Mercedes G-Class defying gravity as it cruises along a whopping 331-Feet super tall inclined wall


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You just have to see how this Mercedes G-Class defies gravity as it cruises along a 331-Feet tall inclined wall just to celebrate the models 40th birthday!

We have many times appreciated the amazing power of the Mercedes Benz G-Class SUVs here at but, again this amazing SUV blows our mind.

We have seen it countless times as Mercedes Benz shows us how the luxurious SUV G-Wagon line up manoeuvres freely through mud and water. But to celebrate this powerful SUV’s 40th birthday, the popular German automaker – Mercedes Benz released a thrilling video that showed the brand’s all-new G-Wagon traversing a 331-feet tall inclined Punta Negra wall in the Andes, Argentina. Keep in mind that 331-feet is almost as tall as a 30-storey building.

See the video below:

Mercedes-Benz G-Class (2019): Stronger Than Gravity

The head if Mercedes Benz off road Product group – Dr Gunnar Güthenke said;

"Over 40 years the G-Class has been continuously developed further, while retaining its character and unmistakable key attributes. Its DNA is stronger than trends, defying both the passage of time and even gravity. We have dramatically demonstrated this with the drive, where the G-Class moves along a dam wall above the abyss”

The short video was released by the brand to showcase the capabilities of this super strong off-roader in extreme environments and situations.

Isn’t now obvious why some people are just crazy about the Mercedes G-Class SUV?

It is definitely a vehicle that worth its praises.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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