[Photos] Check out this Monster Mercedes G-Class Armoured SUV that can safely get you through a war zone


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In the world of Monster-sized armoured SUVs, this Mercedes G-Class made by Gruma is one of a kind.


Recently, we found an incredible Monster-sized Mercedes G-Class SUV named the “Enok P1” and it’s nothing like we have ever featured here on Naijauto. The Enok P1 is a gigantic armoured G-Class that is capable of navigating any difficult terrain you can think of, and it can sure get anyone though a war zone for real.



Meet the War-ready armoured Mercedes G-Class SUV officially known as the “Enok P1”

You might not likely come across this type of armoured Enok P1 off-roader on a typical Nigerian road but funny enough, it is still very much a Mercedes G500 4x4 SUV. This rare monster truck was built by a German company called Gruma in conjunction with another company called Armored Car Systems.

The two companies built this monster truck by taking inspiration from the armoured patrol vehicles of the German Armed Forces. Those patrol SUVs are also fortified against any sort of ammunition from assault riffles and tank mines.



The Enok P1 monster-sized armoured SUV is a monster on the outside but a fresh breath of luxury on the inside

Even with the entire rugged exterior of the Enok P1 SUV, it still maintains that Mercedes G-Class level of luxury on the inside. The interior is furnished with Alcantara seats, black leather and a notably big infotainment screen.

This massive G-Class SUV on steroid is powered by the same 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine that outputs 416hp in most Mercedes G-Class SUV models. It is also worth noting that this Enok P1 armoured SUV rides on powerful Breadlock armoured wheels fitted with huge 37-inch tyres.

  Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4² ENOK P1

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