Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC: The best consumer concept showcased at CES 2019


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We are on the verge of being ushered into a future where cars will be self-driven and electric powered. Check out the Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic now!

The Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas is the global stage and home to more than a thousand innovations and groundbreaking designs that never get to be launched into the marketplace.

The CES show represents the consumer technology industry and attracts pioneering thinkers and business world leaders to address consumer-related issues.


The Urbanetic is considered to be the future of vehice in the following years


The consumer vehicle is a self-driving machine

Here on, if there's one innovation that we look forward to being launched into the marketplace, it's the vision URBANETIC car from the automaker, Mercedes Benz.

The Urbanetic vision is a revolutionized mobility concept from Mercedes Benz, envisaging what transportation is expected to be like in the future. A future where cars will be self-driven and electric powered. The Urbanetic is a ride-sharing vehicle that is capable of switching into different bodies, based on its intended use. The futuristic car has ample space which can seat close to twelve passengers. And at the same time, it has a cargo module that can transport goods weighing around 500 pounds. It's built with a variable load floor and can be split into two levels.

Mercedes Benz says, it has zero carbon emission and delivers noiseless mobility. Because the Urbanetic is a self-driven electrical car, it has additional options that support night delivery and can ply urban areas without polluting the environment.


No fuel, the vehicle runs on all electric


It is capable of the carrying a total cargo weight of 500 pounds

Vision URBANETIC is also embedded with self-learning IT infrastructure which enables the car to become adaptive to a continual route, with the use of real-time information gotten from traffic.

Customers can access the ride-sharing service with an app where they register the particular service need they want, whether it's for transporting them or moving their goods.


The car can provide seats for up to 12 passengers


The Urbanetic is a ride-sharing vehicle that is capable of switching into different bodies

We believe Urbanetic is going to be an efficient, sustainable and comfortable futuristic mobility if it leaves the ideation stage and is introduced into the marketplace.

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We look forward to seeing the Urbanetic in the global auto market

Jane Osuagwu
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