Mercedes-Benz set to debut touch-sensitive steering wheel in coming E-Class


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German automaker, Mercedes-Benz has announced that its coming E-Class model will be getting a new touch-sensitive wheel. The full updates here!

The high level of competition in the global automotive industry will never let automakers run out of brilliant ideas when it comes to modern car technology. Popular German automaker, Mercedes-Benz surprised us this week with its recent announcement of a new touch-sensitive “upgraded” steering wheel that will debut in its coming E-Class model. We didn’t see that coming at all.


Mercedes-Benz says to expect new touch-sensitive steering wheel features in its coming E-Class model

No doubt Mercedes-Benz is one the most brilliant automakers in the world with lots of achievements in car design and technology. There is hardly anyone in the automotive industry who wouldn’t give due respect to the German automaker; we even have a whole article dedicated to the top 5 best Mercedes-Benz convertibles of all time. As always, Mercedes is back again with a unique idea; an upgraded steering wheel with more touch-sensitive capabilities than before.

The steering wheel of some current-generation Mercedes-Benz cars already possesses small touch-sensitive nubs positioned on the left and right spokes for controlling the vehicle’s infotainment system. These small nubs only respond to vertical and horizontal swiping motions whereas the newly announced version adds capacitive-touch switches right on the spokes and also features a touch-sensitive rim that detects a driver’s hand on the wheel or its absence.


The steering wheel of the coming Mercedes E-Class model will come with touch-sensitive capabilities and fresh design

This brilliant new feature is expected to replace the current combination of pushbuttons, touch-sensitive nubs, and spoke-mounted switches in the coming Mercedes-Benz E-Class model. According to Mercedes, the “upgraded” steering wheel should be expected to have capacitive-touch switches in a flat-surface form that will include single-function touch buttons, a 4-way touch controller, and a touch-slider specifically for volume control.

Apart from the cool new touch-sensitive technology, the upgraded steering wheel will also come in three categories of fresh design which include Supersport, Sport, and Luxury. All eyes are now on the coming Mercedes-Benz E-Class model as car lovers anticipate the “supercool” steering wheel.

Before official debut, check out this short video below that compares the upcoming Mercedes E-Class with the current model;

  2021 Mercedes E-Class vs Old Mercedes E-Class

Speaking of innovations; we recommend you read our article that lists 25 mind-blowing facts about the Mercedes-Benz brand and you could also read the story behind the Mercedes-Benz logo.

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