Super-modern electric Mercedes-Benz Simplex Concept looks absolutely classic


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Mercedes has decided to reinvent a 120 year-old design into a vision electric Simplex Concept for the future. Check its surprisingly classic design here!

The German automaker has introduced its vision Mercedes-Benz Simplex Concept that takes us back memory lane. This new concept is a 2-seater electric model with digital display and freestanding wheel as replacement for the grille. This new design according to the automaker, is a reinvention of the 120-year-old design at the new design centre owned by Mercedes in Nice, France.


The Simplex Concept is quite an extraordinary design featuring round shapes and large wheels that sit outside its body

The name ‘Simplex’ originated from the luxury line simplex cars produced by the company from 1902 – 1909. During those times, the Simplex had already adopted an innovative new rear-drive layout, radiator positioned ahead of the engine and modern front-engine.


The classic 1903 Mercedes Simplex model with 40 horsepower

The reimagined concept just like the original version, offers large and rounded shape wheels sitting outside its body. Its radiator features a square frame in rose gold with grille vents, and appearing on that is a display of a classic logo of Mercedes.

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Its interior design comes fitted with a minimal cockpit and Azure blue upholstery for the colour and trim

On its minimal inside, it offers a projection displaying content-sensitive information like navigation and speed. The company made use of nautical and motorcycle-inspired design to create its switches, instrument panel and steering column. The Azure blue upholstery, which is the colour and trim concept of the Simplex Concept is an inspiration from the Cote d’Azur, seamlessly transitioning into the footwell.

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2019 Vision Mercedes Simplex

We are not sure yet if Mercedes has any plans to take this concept into production anytime soon. Naturally safety features like the headlights are updated on this design. This Simplex is indeed a perfect blend of the past and the future.

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