Mercedes-Benz launches autonomous self-driving bus


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Mercedes-Benz isn’t only blazing the trail in self-driving cars but in automation as a whole. The German manufacturers are creating maximum convenience for consumers with self-driving vehicles.

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz isn’t only blazing the trail in self-driving cars but in automation as a whole. The German manufacturers who are diverse in automobile production from personal vehicles to commercial trucks are committed to creating maximum convenience for consumers while on the road. 

In 2013, the company launched its Highway Pilot truck in Germany. While this was applauded by some stakeholders, there were concerns in some quarters about the unreadiness of road users to self-driving trucks.

Taking it a notch up, Mercedes-Benz displayed a self-driving custom Freightliner in the United States in 2015. Obviously not relenting on its groundbreaking innovations, the automaker is working on a Mercedes-Benz autonomous Future Bus with City Pilot in Amsterdam. Moving on the longest bus rapid transit in Europe, it runs at about 40 mph speed.

Self-driving Freightliner

 Self-driving Freightliner introduced in 2015 by the Daimler

The company disclosed that the many bends and passes in the route, pose a great challenge to them in navigation. To tackle this, a driver is stationed behind the wheel on the system, and commands from that end override the autonomous mode.

Prioritizing passenger safety, the bus has about a dozen cameras both in front and behind, to thoroughly scan its immediate environment. It captures both long and short distances to know what lies ahead on the route.

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Built with modern traffic technologies, it receives signals from traffic lights, and adjusts its speed in according with red and green lights for safe movements. Timing the movement of the bus in line with traffic lights prevents damages, giving it a longer life span. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption, says the manufacturer.

Mercedes self-driving bus

The hi-tech bus promises to offer utmost convenience

Comfort is key in riding on the future bus. Mercedes-Benz is continually working to ensure that traveling is smooth all the way without any obstructions. Passengers are taken from the point of entry down to their destination in due time.

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