Mercedes Benz sales in February 2019: over 150,000 cars


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Mercedes Benz has revealed their sales report for this past months in 2019. Check out their impressive car sales data in the below post!

We know Mercedes Benz enthusiasts here on are eager to see their favorite brands sales report for the past two months. Read along then.

Mercedes Benz has been able to deliver 333,229 vehicles globally (-6.7%) within the past two months, this year. In February, they sold off 152,690 cars that has their three-pointed star emblem worldwide (-6.7%).The model changes that were carried out on their SUVs and compact cars section affected sales in every region last month February.

The global decrease experienced in the Brand's unit sales and sales of last year, in the same month, are all as a result of the CLA and GLE models that were discontinued. On the other hand, the new model B-Class, sold very well in Europe. Mercedes increased B-Class's deliveries which preceded 16% in Europe, in the month it was launched. The model made 40% sales in Germany.

Since the inception of this year, Mercedes has continued to take the lead in the market for high-end cars such as in France, Germany, Italy the United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Australia, Denmark, the United States, South Korea, South Africa and Canada.
As stated by Britta Seeger, who is one of the members, Board of Management of Daimler AG in charge of the marketing and sales unit of Mercedes Benz,

1. Mercedes Benz sales by region

  • Mercedes Benz sales in Europe

In February, Mercedes Benz had a total sale of 63,560 cars (-0.1 %,) .The previous models that was discontinued with the GLE model that was changed, affected sales in several European markets.
The core market being Germany, had a delivery of the three-pointed star emblem car, which came at 23,119.And it represented a 7.3% increase.

  • Mercedes Benz sales in Asia-Pacific

In February, Mercedes Benz delivered 59,253 vehicles to customers (-9.8%).In China, the sales are known to be traditionally weak during their Chinese New year. As a result of it, 40,733 was only sold off (-5.4%).
The total sales in January and February came at 112,430 and this is more than what has ever been sold before in China's first two months (+0.9%).


Mercedes sales in Europe has signs of increasing while other markets are declining

  • Mercedes Benz sales in NAFTA (North American)

Mercedes made a delivery of 25,757 cars last month (-14.0 %%) .In United States, the core market, customers who bought the car are 21,660(-12.5%).The changed models also affected sales in the United States and it saw a two digit decline of the GLE model. And for the new model-Class saloon, there was a two digit increase in the United States in February.

>>> This figure is still less than that of BMW though: A remarkable over 171,000 units of BMW vehicles were delivered only in February

2. Mercedes Benz sales by models

The sales of the compact car variant of the Mercedes Benz for this past two months ,this year, was a bit above the previous year's sales. In January and February, customers who received different models ranging from CLA, A-Class or B-Class to GLA were 81,700(-4.6).
The compact car model will keep changing. The new A-Class model had a global sales growth sixth months in a row(+20.8).The introduction of the B-Class model into the European market on February 16 saw a two-digit growth in the model's delivery in Europe. More precisely, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.
The sole authorized general distributor for the Mercedes Benz in Nigeria is Weststar Associates Limited.

The 2019 Mercedes Benz in its class

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