Mercedes-Benz unveils sales statistic of first quarter 2019 (Sale record table included)


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Would you believe that the Automaker; Mercedes-Benz has sold over 560,000 vehicles globally in just the first quarter of this year 2019? Read the details here!

We cannot deny being blown away here at by the recent records of the automaker; Mercedes-Benz having sold over 560,000 vehicles globally in just the first quarter of this year 2019. Wow, isn’t it?

1. Mercedes Benz impressive sales record

The German automobile marque; Mercedes-Benz actually closed their first quarter of this year 2019 with a total of 560,873 passenger vehicles worldwide sales record. This will be the third year in a row that the automaker’s sales in the first quarter have been recording a well over 550,000 units each time. In the month of March this year, a total of 227,644 vehicles with the 3-pointed star were actually delivered to the automaker’s customers worldwide. The first 3 months of 2019 featured a lot of important model changes in the brand’s compact-car segments and highest-volume SUV.


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is still with no doubt trending in the Nigerian auto Market

Mercedes-Benz is clearly expecting an increase in its vehicle availability in the coming months which should result in a global sales increase which should slightly pass the usual overall records in this 2019. Ever since this year began, the company has painstakingly maintained its market leadership in some of the premium segment in nations like Brazil, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Germany, and other big markets.

A Daimler AG member of the Board of Management, Britta Seeger, who is responsible for Sales and marketing of Mercedes-Benz cars said;

“We are delighted with the best quarter ever for Mercedes-Benz in China and the successful market launch of the new B-Class in Europe. The first three months of the year were challenging worldwide due to the ongoing model changes for SUVs and compact cars,”

“In the coming months, further highlights of our current model offensive at Mercedes-Benz will be launched; the CLA Coupé, for example, will be available in our showrooms in May. From the middle of the year, the ungraded generation of our very popular Midsize SUVs GLC and GLC Coupé will then be available at our dealerships.”


An Overview of Mercedes-Benz Cars unit sales

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2. Mercedes-Benz unit sales: Using Region and Market

In Europe alone, the company sold a total of 103,155 vehicles out in just March which further amounted to 224,678 vehicles at the end of March.

In Germany which is the region’s core market, a total sale of 70,542 vehicles was recorded in the Q1 of 2019 for the company.

The company recorded a total of 87,509 vehicles delivered to customers in March in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the NAFTA region, the company sold a total of 32,286 vehicles in March alone. And in the United States, Mercedes-Benz delivered vehicles to a total of 27,004 customers who were very much delighted to receive their vehicles with the 3-pointed star in March. USA deliveries for the company later amounted to 71,171 units by the end of the first quarter while in Mexico, Mercedes-Benz sales got a 1.1% increase in March this year.

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3. Mercedes-Benz unit sales: Using Model

Below are the highlights of Mercedes-Benz sales by models at the end of the first quarter of 2019;

  • A total of over 67,077 compact cars were delivered to customers worldwide
  • A record of 25.6% increase in the sales of the AClass model was recorded
  • More Mercedes-Benz compact cars got sold in Europe than ever before because of the successful market launch of the company’s B-Class model
  • A total of 105,708 units of the new C-Class Saloon was sold in the first quarter alone
  • Over 20,000 (roadsters, cabriolets, coupes) dream cars were delivered by the company to customers globally and the sales of its CLS Coupe continued to grow as well.


The Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe is really pushing forward the company’s sales globally

4. Mercedes-Benz unit sales: Considering the “Smart” model

Over 27,048 customers worldwide have expressed happiness on receiving their new 2-door or 4-door “Smart” urban microcar from the company.

More “Smart” models were sold in Germany than ever before just in the first quarter of the year 2019.

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