When a charming Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Russia upstaged the G-Wagon?


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Mercedes-Benz is out with a car that withstands the harsh weather in Germany but it's not a G-wagon? The S-Class has been upgraded by Russians with SUV chassis to perform on rough roads. Check its performance below!

Mercedes-Benz car fans all over the globe are creative and talented with their modified products. This time, it is coming from those in Russia, with a rugged Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that is resistant to the harshness of the terrain.


Those rugged-looking tires can crush any obstacles off-road

The G-Wagon look-alike vehicle is not a new model on the German automaker’s radar. It is a W140-generation S-Class mounted on an off-roader. The transformation leaves the SUV with a large rear and front bull bar, closing doors with power assist, rear-parking markers, double pane window gazing and electric windows.

Power is one thing that the all-weather vehicle has in excess. This is understandable as it boasts of a 5-0-liter engine that produces 320 horsepower complemented with its 479 feet of torque.  With such an engine, the luxurious ride possesses a 140 km/h top speed.

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With 320 horsepower, the S-Class is all powerful!

There is a 6,200 mileage already on the S-Class’s odometer. This is an equivalent of 10,000 km. Considering the harsh weather needs it serves, Mercedes is optimistic that it will make good sales. It is being offered for sale at $77,621 (₦28 million).

Sharing such a striking resemblance with the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, price is a factor to determine the preferred choice among users. The G-Wagon has a starting price of ($130,532) (₦47.1 million) – this does not include clearing and destination cost. Its V8 engine of 4.0-lier biturbo discharges 416 hp. In just 5.6 seconds, it covers 0 to 60 mph.


Being more affordable than the G-Wagon, the S-Class has a price advantage

Off-roaders and SUVs may have the stamina for high performance, but with cars like the S-Class, they do not have monopoly of the market. And with the G-Wagon selling at a higher price, car users have one more reason why they should ditch it for the S-Class. If you had to make a pick between both cars, what would it be?

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