Mercedes-Benz Pre-safe Child seat introduced, parents no need to worry any more!


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After introducing the GLE-based Experimental Safety car recently, Mercedes-Benz is out again with a Networked child seat, namely Pre-safe Child. Read the update with photos here now!

Mercedes-Benz has been seriously “tickling our fancy” here at from its recently showcased Experimental safety SUV to its newly introduced Pre-safe Networked child seat also meant for safety.

1. Mercedes-Benz child seat ensures a safe trip with kids

The brand has decided to showcase this evolution due to a recent insurance research company UDV’s study which revealed that half the total number of kids being transported by vehicles are usually not properly/efficiently secured in their baby/kid seats.


The Mercedes-Benz “Pre-Safe Child” seat has life sign monitors for kid safety during road transport

This new Mercedes-Benz’s innovation is named “Pre-Safe Child” and it is targeted at helping parents in a better way of transporting their kids in the near future. It is a seat that should help reduce the common risk of incorrect “Child seat” installation by means of its embedded new monitoring system that are capable of telling a driver/parent when they are doing things wrong.


Can you spot the various indicators featured on the new Mercedes-Benz “Pre-Safe Child” seat?

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2. How does Mercedes-Benz Pre-safe child seat work?

This new Mercedes-Benz “Pre-Safe Child” seat has indicators that can even tell when it is properly secured and ready and it is also capable of being networked directly with the vehicle itself, giving parents the added advantage of monitoring its real-time status by merely looking at their vehicle’s infotainment display.

This new seat due to its networked nature knows just about anything the car knows and will tension its 5-point belt system moments before an accident and it will also extend a sort of additional protection against side impact.

To even take this technology much further, Mercedes has included a monitor that senses life signs in the seat. By using data read from this monitor’s sensors as well as a camera positioned around the child seat, this new system is able to tell parents the degree of hotness or coldness of the child and the child’s heartbeat rate as well as he/she’s breathing rate.


The seat is well connected to the car display screen and can be monitored directly from here

As a matter of fact, this seat literally even tells a parent what the kid is doing via the vehicle’s media screen and as well alerts the parent when a sleeping child is waking up. Also, it can also completely display an image of the child fully on a car’s screen maybe when stuck in traffic.

Video: Mercedes Child Safety In The ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle

Although, this “Pre-Safe Child” new safety seat is just a mere “proof of concept” for now and Mercedes-Benz claims that it is yet to give any directives for its production to begin.

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