Murtala Muhammed who was assasinated in a Mercedes-Benz


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These days, Nigerian often think of the assassination in February 43 years ago which killed a special and honorable Nigerian supreme leader, Murtala Muhammad. But many don't know he was riding a Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the time. Read details below!

Murtala Muhammad, the former ruler of the Nigerian military, was assassinated in the Mercedes Benz S-Class on February 13, 1976. His car now is the most well-preserved vehicle in Nigeria. 44 years after his death, today, would revise the event and his military career in brief.


The former head of the Nigerian Federal Military Government - Murtala Muhammad

Murtala Muhammad was the head of the Nigerian Federal Military Government from July 30, 1975, until his death in 1976 at the age of 37. Also died in the assassination was Lt. Akintunde Akinsehinwa.

At that time, Murtala Muhammad and his Aide-De-Camp (ADC) were sitting in the back saloon car to his office at Dodan Barracks, the Lagos States before being shot dead by a group of Nigerian soldiers commanded by Lt. Col Buka Suka Dimka, the leader of the previous failed coup.


Murtala Muhammad and his ADC were shot dead in the assassination on George Street


The last image of our honorable leader

As a supreme leader of the Nigerian Government, Murtala Muhammad gained a reputation as hardly traveled with the fanfare, which distinguishes him from other Nigerian leaders. Hardly did he travel in convoy and blare sirens in his automobile. And hardly did people know his whereabouts whenever he went out.

A pistol by the side of his orderly was the only visible sign showing he’s being protected, hence, assassinating him became a simple task.

His idea of a democratic nation was inherited and completed successfully by the military president Olusegun Obasanjo, who transferred power from the military to the civilian regime by Shehu Shagari on October 1, 1979.

Today, to commemorate Muhammed’s work, the Nigerian government has printed his portrait on the note of 20 Naira, his name’s also used to call an airport in Lagos – the Murtala Muhammad International Airport.


Muhammed’s portrait was printed on the 20 Naira note

Video: Late Murtala Mohammed Assassination in 1976

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