Mercedes Benz introduces latest tricks their new models could do


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There are certain hidden features that make your Mercedes Benz carry out tricks you never knew it could do. Here are some of the latest which can save you time & energy while using this car!

Mercedes-Benz always seek ways to give their customers premium experience with any new model released. There are certain hidden features that make your Benz carry out tricks you never knew it could do. These "Easter eggs" not only saves you time, they're also important for when emergencies come up. They are also made to ensure that your car doesn't disappoint you when you need it most. This has made more people go for the latest Mercedes Benz cars.

Keep in mind that these hidden functionalities are not available just any version of the car. That being said, here are some of the latest tricks by Mercedes Benz cars, collected by!

1. Shut/ Open all windows and sunroof with a button

If you are anywhere close to your car where the key fob can work, tap on the lock button continuously. The sunroof and all the windows of your car will be shut at the same time. If you press it continuously again, they will all open. This is important for times when you're in a rush and probably not sure you secured all entrances to your vehicle. No need going back when you can simply secure the windows and sunroof by simply pushing a button.

While in the car, you can also push the recirculate button 5-8 seconds. It automatically shuts all windows and the sunroof. If you do it again, they all open. This is important for when you're inside and don't want any intrusion.


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2. Automatically unlock one door only

If you want to unlock just one door of your car, simply tap the lock and unlock buttons on your key fob simultaneously. While pressing them, you'll notice a LED light flashing on the key fob. This automatically programs your vehicle to either unlock only one door when you push the unlock button once. You can also change this setting by pressing both buttons again the same way.

3. Automatically turn off your engine in emergency

When you want to turn off your car during an emergency, simply push and hold the "push to start" button for three seconds. This will automatically turn off the engine. Good thing about this trick is that it works on every vehicle that used a "push to start" button.

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4. Automatically notify others of your turning or switching lanes

When overtaking a vehicle, it's right that you notify the car driver and also any oncoming car by flashing your light at least three times. In such cases, you can flash your Mercedes-Benz headlights by sold touching the turn signal gently. No need flickering the button on and off. This is also important for when you intend to switch lanes.

You can watch illustration of how to perform Mercedes Benz tricks here!

5. Program your side mirrors to your personal style

You can program your side mirrors to tilt how you want when reversing or driving forward. You should know that button 2 in the driver's door adjusts your side mirrors. So when braking and reversing, push the button 2 to tilt the mirror till it can show you your back tyres. Stop and push the M button, you will hear a beep. Switch gears to D and drive forward, your side mirrors tilt back to their normal positioning. This programs the mirror. So whenever your car is on R, the side view mirrors automatically tilt down to enable reverse easily. When it's on D, they come back up to normal positioning.

These are just a few of the tricks you never knew your Benz could do, and we at Naijauto will definitely bring you more as they come.

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