Mercedes-Benz develops heated seat belts, not just for comfort


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Mercedes Benz automaker has just revealed the underlying reason why they develop the heated seat belts and it's definitely not just for passengers' comfort. Who needs a heated tummy huh?

Mercedes-Benz is at the top shelf when it comes to technology of heated car surface. Despite the inclusion of features such as heated door panel and arm rest, heated steering wheel and seat in its top range, yet Mercedes is diverting its attention to the production of heated seatbelt.

Initially, it looks unnecessary but comfort and luxury are all about smaller details of needs you never knew of in the first place. That is not even the idea behind this seatbelt. The automaker is making an attempt to use this technology to seduce car owners across the globe to cultivate the habit of using seatbelt. The idea is not only about massaging your torso stretch or tummy, but safety.


The good feeling when wearing this heated seat belt may encourage motorists to stay safe

A prototype of this heated seatbelt was tested in Germany with USB-port equipped buckles. The belt gets warm as a result of a running heated tube element. The belt looks normal that you hardly notice but it sure does its work.

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In by chance you are looking forward to seeing this belt, you might have to wait a bit longer as the automaker isn’t giving us production date yet. But from all indication, the technology has been perfected and ready to be easily deployed.

Very soon, we expect this heated seatbelt should have been in the market.

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