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Mercedes Benz has relentlessly pursued futuristic safety with its constant innovation, ideas and mobility of the feature concepts. The latest experimental safety vehicle ESF 2019 is super packed. See its features below!

1. History of Mercedes Benz ESF/ ESV

To test innovative ideas and concepts of the car maker, Mercedes Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle has been long utilized to announce and evaluate new features.

In October 1971, Mercedes at the international ESV conference in Sindelfingen Stuttgart made use of the W114 S series as its Experimental safety vehicle to demonstrate some 17 innovative safety ideas and general concepts. In June 1974, at the ESV conference in London, Mercedes Benz this time around utilized the modified W116 S-class as its Experimental Safety Vehicle to demonstrate about 5 new safety level innovations and ideas.

The last ESF public presentation and demonstration was as far back as 2009 when Mercedes Benz using the S400 hybrid concept car presented innovative concepts  like the inflatable brake bags underneath the car, seat belt air bags, PRE-SAFE Structure and PRE-SAFE Plus along with several other safety innovations and mobility of the future ideas.

After a long time of testing & developing, Mercedes Benz ESF 2019 has been launched

2. The introduction of Mercedes Benz ESF 2019

The Mercedes Benz ESF 2019 will be presented to the public later this month in Eindhoven Holland at the ESV convention using the Plug-in Hybrid Mercedes Benz GLE SUV. This is the first time an SUV will be utilized as an Experimental safety vehicle other than the S-class. Speaking on the new development Prof. Schöneburg stated:

“That's correct. The ESF 2019 is based on the new GLE. SUVs are very popular with our customers, and we currently have seven successful models in the range. It was therefore only logical to use an SUV as an example in which to present the safety features of tomorrow. In addition, the new GLE with its innovative driving assistance systems is currently a pacemaker in the field of vehicle safety”  

In keeping with the tradition, Mercedes Benz will present futuristic safety ideas and mobility of the future concepts using a Mercedes Benz Level 4 autonomous plug-hybrid GLE SUV. Highlighting this, Ola Kallenius the CEO of Daimler AG stated:

“Safety is part of the brand DNA of Mercedes-Benz. We have repeatedly demonstrated that we are not short of ideas in this field since the 1970s, with our Experimental Safety Vehicles. The new ESF 2019 reflects the mobility of the future, and presents a wide variety of innovations which we are currently researching and developing. And I can already say this much: some of the functions are very close to series production”

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The ESF 2019 chart shows experimental safety features

3. Experimental safety features on Mercedes Benz ESF 2019

Some of the Safety Innovations coming with the Mercedes Benz ESF 2019 are stated below. We will start with the following chart which highlights the various safety improvements and their areas of impact.

3.1. Rear Airbags

This is an innovative offering from Mercedes Benz that we expect to see quite soon in its cars. So many people have been clamoring for rear airbags to be combined with rear seat belts. Mercedes Benz has considered this clamor and has developed the rear airbag technology in addition to other integrated airbag positioning.

This new technology will offer added protection to passengers occupying the rear seats from injury to the head and neck in the event of a severe head-on collision. The technicalities on the rear airbag technology is discussed in an exclusive article you can read HERE. It is expected that this new technology will be deployed soon in Mercedes Benz cars and that it will help reduce cases of head and neck in by 30 percent in the event where a severe head-on collision occurs.

3.2. Heated Seat Belts

Mercedes Benz has developed this new technology with the hope that it will motivate people to always deploy or wear the seat belt whenever the ride in a car. To achieve to innovative feature, Mercedes Benz designed a layer of the seat belt with heating elements which heat up the belt when switched on. The performance of the heating elements is controlled thermostatically when the cars seating system is switched on. The heated seat belt warms up passengers when the ambient temperature is considerably low.

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Mercedes invents heated seat belts to raise motorists' awareness of driving safety

3.3. PRE-SAFE Impulse Rear

This is another exciting safety feature Mercedes Benz is bringing to us. The PRE-SAFE impulse rear offers considerable protection in the event of an impending rear impact. Just before an impact occurs, the Mercedes-Benz ESF 2019 accelerates automatically into the space ahead thus reducing the magnitude of the impact and potentially mitigating the collision. This safety feature also offers the speeding car the chance to break in time to avoid the collision.

3.4. DIGITAL LIGHT – Cooperative Vehicles communication

Mercedes Benz has developed very intuitive and intelligent way to ensure higher safety levels especially as we move into the era of vehicle autonomy and self-driving cars. Experts have stressed that for that era to be achievable going forward, there must exist some level of vehicle interaction both vertically and on a deeper IT level. On one of those levels, Mercedes Benz is building capacity by building cars that will be able to communicate with other cars and humans on a lower level.

To this end, the ESF 2019 comes with advanced technology that will enable it communicate with its surrounding. The rear windows and front wind screens offer some form of video interaction with other cars. Aside this, the ESF 2019 offers voice prompts to warn pedestrian of a dangerous situation before hand, as can be seen in the video above.

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3.5. PRE-SAFE Child

This is one of the most inspiring safety features that we liked the most in the ESF 2019. This feature added safety and protection to children settled in the rear seats of a car. The PRE-SAFE triggers a number of features in the event of an impending crash, extending the child seat side mounted impact protection and also tightens the child’s seat belt for better protection from crash impact. These features protect the child’s neck and head from injury and somewhat isolates the child from high impact energy resulting from the crash.


The PRE-SAFE triggers a number of features in the event of an impending crash to help protect the child

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