Mercedes Benz E-Class joins the 10 years challenge (see photos)


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Mercedes Benz E-Class won't be left out from this10 years challenge trend. You are a true Benz fan? Don't miss the 10 years ago and now pics of the model!

Social media has been set agog with the 10 years challenge these past few days. Perhaps you've seen a lot of posts made by social media users with the hashtag '#10YearsChallenge', on the social platforms they belong to.

The 10 years challenge is all about putting up throwback pictures taken 10 years ago. This is a way to show with pictures, the transition, and transformation that has taken place in one's life from 10 years till now.

In a bid not to be left out in the race, Mercedes-Benz Nigeria also took to their various social media platforms to show the world what the Mercedes-Benz E Class looked like 10 years ago and its amazing appearance presently.


The E-Class transformation in 10 years

Truly, the pictures spoke a thousand words.

The post was captioned

#10yearchallenge E-Class edition

#MercedesBenz   #TheBestorNothing


The E-Class is the best-selling Benz ever


The E-Class has gone through five generations

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one out of other executive cars that were produced by the German manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. The E-Class is produced in different engines and body framework. And it has been in production since 1953. Occupying the middle spot in Mercedes lineups, the E-Class has gone through five generations till present with many facelifts to reveal curvier and flowing exterior features. There are speculations that the E-Class is the car with the most expensive mid-cycle facelift in automotive history. Daimler, the automaker, invested around €1 billion to develop the huge facelifts.

The best-selling model Mercedes-Benz has ever produced throughout history is the E-Class with more than 13 million sold by 2015. The E-Class is available in different markets across the globe.

Have a taste of class and luxury with the all-new Mercedes Benz E-Class

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