Mercedes-Benz CLK driver holds umbrella in the rain: who needs retractable roof?


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Some believe probably the roof is out of order. Other didn’t think he was the real owner of the Mercedes-Benz CLK.

A Chinese driver was just caught in a hilarious situation where he held an umbrella while driving a red convertible Mercedes-Benz CLK in the rain.

Suspicions arose as people were wondering why he just didn’t pull up the convertible roof to veer himself away from the rain.

The Mercedes Benz CLK driver hodling a umbrella in rain

Mercedes-Benz CLK driver hoilding an umbrella to drive in rain

Some believe probably the roof is out of order. Other think he might not be the real owner of the cabriolet who should know how to operate the retractable roof.

Video: Man holds umbrella while driving convertible in rain

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Though his solution to take an umbrella to evade the rain proved effective, he seems hard to elude a charge as police are working their way to find out the man. He might be charged with dangerous driving.

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