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The Mercedes Benz C-class is a dream come true auto in any model. As you aspire to own and drive one of these, check out the interior made of dreams. See it now!

We all know the Mercedes Benz C-Class is auto-eye candy. With the usual exceptional exterior design of the luxury brand, there is little doubt about what to expect from the interior aesthetics of a Mercedes car. The Mercedes Benz C-Class is a flagship executive car produced by Daimler AG. This car was introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the 190 W201 range. Until the W168 A-Class arrived in 1997, the Mercedes Benz C-Class was the smallest model in the marque line-up, and has sold nearly ten million units since 1982.

Over the years, Mercedes has produced exotic machines that never seem to bore its fervent lovers, and the C-Class Benz model, built in Mercedes Benz factories in Germany, Sindelfingen, Bermen, and other countries, is no exception.  Apart from its classic exterior sleek lines and form, the C-class has an amazing lot to offer on the inside.

If you are really keen on the Mercedes Benz C-Class, which, depending on the model can have a price range starting from many tens of thousands of dollars, then you should take a look at the amazing interior.

1. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Structure

When you first catch a glance of Benz C-Class, you will notice how comfortable the cockpit setting looks. “Energising Comfort Control” is a term created with the S-class and now obtainable in the C-class. It is quite difficult for you not to notice how advance-techy this automobile interior is and how every functioning part is set in place. It looks neat, welcoming, comforting and high-tech.


The C-class has sold more than 10 million units since 1982

The overall style in the interior of the C-class borrows heavily from the S-class interior design. ECC cordinates and regulates air-conditioning, fragrance dispersal, seat heating/cooling/massage, audio and lighting.

2. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Excellent cockpit and dashboard

When purchasing a car, the first thing many buyers look at is how the cockpit and dashboard are laid out. For the C-Class, the cockpit has a yacht like organization that is all embedded with first class materials that include novel metal, wood, and leather lining that gives it a sleek touch and feel. The instrument display boasts of the current S-Class type display that has 3 display settings: Classic, Sport, and Progressive, to give you everything you need. Menu items such as trip data as well as high or low readings of your car’s consumables like fuel. Navigation data and Eco display can also be found in the instrument cluster. Display is equipped with “touch sensitive” wheel control with similar “swipe” control like in smart phones.


The cockpit of the C-class displays ingeniously fused materials such as novel metal, wood, and leather

The multi-system dashboard has innovative connectivity and digital integration that gives the driver an easy, light and adaptive capability.

3. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Driver Assist

Of course the C-class does not disappoint with its ADAS tech, or advanced driver assistance system. A high tech camera and radar system allows the car to take over driving functions under certain conditions. Radar scanning allows the C-class to “see” 250 meters in front, 80 meters behind, and 40 meters to both sides. This is complemented by the front camera with a seeing capability of 500 meters in front of the car. 90 meters of that is in 3D.


A host of systems assist the driver to stay safe night or day

ADAD or Active Distance Assist Distronic uses maps and the car’s sensory capability to intervene and reduce speed for instance on an approaching bend. This is in addition to emergency stop assist, abs, and lane change assist.

4. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Infotainment Systems

The infotainment system is a little intimidating at first, but one gets the hang of it with use. Features include central controller for easy control of other systems, 8.4 inches touchscreen, front bass premium sound system that gives massive sound quality, and the In-cabin Wi-Fi hot-spot.


A closer look into the infotainment screen of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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5. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Safety

The C-class has a collision prevention assist plus which helps to prevent collision from incoming passengers, pedestrian or cars, as well as ADAD and ADAS systems. The rearview camera is excellent for capturing events for later documentation, safety suite and about nine-airbag system around the drivers cubicle and that of the passengers provide collision safety. There is also rain-sensing windshield wipers.


The Benz family has just celebrated 20 years of window airbag

6. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Sitting

When you add the driver's seat and the passenger seats, the Mercedes Benz C-Class can sit up to five-passengers comfortably (the first passenger and three passengers in the back). This sedan can accommodate adults and children easily in front as well as in the second back row.


The backseat has leg room of more than 30 inches and fold down

It also has a total cabin space of about 12.6 cu.-ft. which is also suitable for carrying items such as groceries or other things. The rear seats have a capability of folding flat to about 40/20/40 with a slick fold-down center arm that contains two cup-holders. It can accommodate longer items which can fit into the car boot. For passengers sitting in front besides the driver, they have a convenience of enjoying 37.1-inches of leg-room while the rear-seat or second row seat passengers will have about 37.1-inches of leg-room. The front row seats are firmly power adjustable with memory setting for the driver’s seat, it also has standard dual-zone climate control.

The texture of the seats are finely made thick brown leather with hidden stitches that make sitting comfortable for passengers, and even those with back pain. The rear seat passengers have a great view of the road while enjoying the comfortable ride. The only little problem is that an adult who will sit in the middle or the rear seat will experience a little discomfort as there will be the need to splay their legs wide around the protruding transmission tunnel.  


You can get a unique massage from the heated seats of the C-class

There is also an electrical pneumatic pump which enables the side bolsters and lumbar support to have individual adjustment. Feeling a bit stressed, you can experience a massage effect in your lumbar area  as there is an air chamber which deflates and inflates from air in a wave like motion, though, this only works when you activate the function.

7. Mercedes Benz C-Class: Multimedia System

What's the multimedia system like? To make your ride a memorable one, the Mercedes Benz C-Class is equipped with multiple multimedia features. It comes with two USB ports, Bluetooth connection, an SD card reader and a media interface. It has an automaker's Command Online system which integrates the 3D hard-disc navigation with map display, photo-realistic 3D imagery and also 3D map rotations. The speaker sound is standard stereo.


The Mercedes Benz C-class interior is geared towards wellness and comfort

8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The boot

Easily accessible, the C-Class has a boot lid and luggage cover. It can be quickly activated by a button on the boot lid itself, driver side door panel or using your key fob.


You can see the capacity of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class boot here!

If you can afford it, mix comfort with performance and style with any latest model of the C-class.

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