Red alert! New Mercedes-Benz C-Class batteries may drop off in motion!


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Do you drive or even own a new model Mercedes Benz C-Class? Well, you need to be very careful, as your battery may fall out while in motion!

The joy of having a new car has no end. How much more when you have a brand new and the latest model of the luxurious Mercedes-Benz that is the cynosure of all eyes?

Mercedes-Benz for ages has taken the lead in the world of automobiles when it comes to class, elegance, poise, luxury and technology to say the least, in this world of ever-evolving auto- technology.

Mercedes Benz is not fault-proof!

It is no more news that for decades this German company is a great thorn in the flesh of other competitors, and a mighty force to reckon with as they are ever in season, ever improving and never relenting with their seasoned designs, exceptional features and technologies in their new models on a daily basis.

Just as the trend in auto-tech, Mercedes-Benz is taking the rightful place in the production of electric cars, twenty first century fittings and passion meeting models.

Errors are not common with factories; while the occurrence of errors at vehicle productions is minimal to say the least as this usually attract grave repercussions. The German automobile company, Mercedes-Benz's latest C Class model has a serious battery mounting bracket problem. It has been discovered that a serious flaw exists here, in spite of the elegance, technology and poise of these models.


How would you feel if your battery fell out of your engine while in motion

The new Mercedes Benz C Class recalls

This affects the latest Mercedes-Benz C Class, specifically the C300 & AMG C43 made from August 2018 through to July 2019. They all exhibit factory errors. The models produced between August 2018 and July 2019 need to be recalled by the German automobile company.

About 26,584 vehicles in total, according to a report filled with NHTSA (The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) has to be called back for rectification.

The 12-volt battery of these new exotic vehicles has factory error, making them insecure for owners. The most remarkable part is that every single piece of these late-model Mercedes-Benz cars; the C300 and the AMG C43 produced that very period is affected.

This vehicles comes in three diverse designs; the Sedan, the Coupe and the Cabriolet (Convertible). Which are all available in five different grades: Base C300, C300 4Matic which is an all-wheel drive, AMG C43, AMG C63 and the AMG C63 S. Meanwhile, the sedan comes with a plug-in hybrid edition; the C350e.

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The C300 is a beautiful sedan but hopefully the battery bracket problem can be resolved

More about Mercedes Benz C-Class

This C Class possesses exotic inbuilt interior, made of high-quality materials, with upgrading or customizing options available to owners taste and a series of varieties of engines to choose from, as there are various options other than the C300’s strong four cylinder engine to choose from that helps in fuel economy.

  • Versions and trims

The electric version of C Class offers maximum fuel economy features because it is a plug-in hybrid vehicle with an all-electric driving scope.

While for the speed freaks, the turbocharged V6 AMG C63 with the turbocharged V8 should both be your target, as they are sport sedans with extreme speed abilities.


You should prepare for the recall of your 2018-2019 Mercedes AMG C43

  • Battery mounting faults

In spite of the luxuries these vehicles afford, they have been faulted with a major flaw which is a mistake on the factory’s part. In the occurrence of an impending auto crash, there’s the possibility that these vehicle’s batteries can trip off suddenly, disconnect on its own accord or even pop out of the cars, thereby affecting the hazard lights that is supposed to be a post crash security measure, therefore causing hazard not only to its driver but also to other drivers.

  • Possible consequences

The most alarming situation is that some drivers may not live to tell the tale; though fortunately, this issue has been identified in time and can be corrected within a short time. What is required of these car owners is to take their vehicles back to Mercedes dealers for factory corrections. A mere installation of a new or a total change of the mounting bracket will solve the whole puzzle all for free.

There are technicians available at different posts of Mercedes-Benz dealer’s offices worldwide that will attend to owners and rectify this menace as soon as possible, so they can enjoy their luxury cars.

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A falling out battery represents all kinds of risks. You might need to park this car for a while pending the recall

Notices of Mercedes-Benz C-Class recall

Therefore, if you fall into this category of Mercedes-Benz owners, with the models produced between August 2018 and July 2019, you have to take a closer look at your mounting bracket. As one of the owners of this models, if you want to have this flaw sorted out or corrected, all you have to do is log on to the NHTSA website, and enter your pin, when your pin is confirmed, you will have to wait for a notification.

These notifications will start as from October 8 2019, therefore be on the lookout in your emails for the next couple of weeks.

Elegance and technology is the soul of automobiles, that’s the comfort owners are craving for, and when coupled with fuel economy features, it is therefore worth giving a fortune to acquire, but when the seemingly perfect figure comes with a flaw, it’s a disaster cum pathetic situation.

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