Mercedes-AMG sets out to give all their vehicle models a plug-in option


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Mercedes-AMG is going all in this time around with their new plans to make all their vehicle models have a plug-in option in the close future. Read gist here!

In the very near future, Mercedes-AMG has announced that everyone should be expecting all of their vehicle models to have a plug-in hybrid option available. This plan will be actuated by featuring a performance-tuned variant of the Mercedes-Benz’s EQ power system that is gaining so much attention now.

We are sure that not only the team are excited about this new plan, the majority of Mercedes-AMG fans will also be excited too.

This move is obviously part of a major push that is undertaken by Mercedes towards PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle) technology as the major element of its recent electrification programme costing ₦4.2 Trillion (£9 billion) which mainly targets reduction of CO2 emissions in its fleet.

The first set of the Mercedes-AMG plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles are to be expected in the year 2020.

Currently, Mercedes-AMG offers quite a number of few mid-hybrid vehicle models, including the E53 and CLS 53. These current mid-hybrid vehicles feature the brand’s EQ Boost-branded 48V generator/starter, which by record delivers extra 22bhp as well as 184 foot-pounds of torque. Nonetheless, they are seeing the need to meet up with the continually tight EU fleet emissions targets which means that these mid-hybrid cars are likely to just be more of an intermediary step to the proposed plan.


Mercedes-AMG has set out to give all their vehicle models a plug-in option in the near future

During an interview with Frank Overmeyer, the head of external affairs for emissions at Mercedes, he said;

“All the AMG vehicles will be available in the future with plug-in hybrids as an option,”

“Mild hybrid is not the strategy of AMG, because the emissions savings are too small.”

Mercedes Benz currently offers plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle variants of the S-Class, E-Class, and C-Class under their EQ power badge while the GLE and GLC variants are to come soon. The firm is set to launch twenty PHEV models by ending of the year 2020, with its A-Class using a newer plug-in powertrain that has been specifically developed for compact cars.

All the recent models feature the firm’s 3rd-generation PHEV System. This system uses an electric motor which produces 325lb ft of torque and 121bhp while offering close to 31 miles of electric-only range distance. The brand is, however, working towards expanding this limited range especially with the next set of S-Class models that is due to hit the market in 2020 and will feature a system that will help it achieve 62 miles of zero-emission.

The expected Mercedes-AMG expected cars are most likely to use this PHEV system but as we mentioned earlier, it will definitely be branded EQ Power+ (which matches the brand's Formula 1 cars) and it will be also tuned for more performance at the expense of some known range.


All the Mercedes-AMG cars like this will have a hybrid version soon

Still talking about these new cars to be expected, Overmeyer said;

“The battery itself and the application, including the electric motor, will be the same, and you can have a significant boost [in performance] that will reduce the range, but the experience will be better,”

“Same battery, same drivetrain, different application. In an SUV, it might offer 100km [62 miles]. It might only be 60km or 70km [37-43 miles] in an AMG.”

Even though the pressing need to reduce the average fleet emissions is clearly pushing most manufacturers now towards EVs and some other efficient technology, Frank Overmeyer claims that the High-performance Mercedes-AMG models will always remain a crucial part of the brand’s line-up. He went further saying;

“They are the technical icons of our brand,”

“We should also never forget that the new world, these electric vehicles, need to be funded, and it’s being funded by our existing high-profit vehicles.”

Let’s all keep fingers crossed and hope that these electric vehicles soon hit the Nigerian automobile market or even the Hybrid variants.

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