US federal prosecutor charge two men for stealing 61 recalled vehicles


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Check out the two men that were recently caught in the United States for stealing 61 recalled vehicles from the Pontiac Silver dome. Read here!

Two men recently in the United States have been charged with stealing recalled Audi Volkswagens cars from Pontiac silver dome parking lot. A 42 year old Romane Porter and Daniel Onorati, who is 41 year old were accused and charged of conspiring with others in carting away 61 vehicles. These stolen recalled vehicles include Audi Q7s, Volkswagen Touaregs and Volkswagen Passat that were manufactured between the period of 2011 to 2015,and even in 2017.

It was made known that the transport vehicles were loaded and transported to places like Kentucky and Indiana via hauling vehicles. More seriously, at least one of the vehicles has been exported out of the United States.


Those vehicles after being recalled, are stored at the Pontiac silver dome for repair or destruction

In a statement released by the Oakland county sheriff, Michael Bouchard, he said:

These individuals were bold in their behavior in stealing such a large volume of vehicles from a well-known location

These criminals deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law

Romane Porter (42) faces a possible a minimum of 5 years in prison for assault and will be arraigned very soon, next month to be precise. His partner in the crime, Daniel Onorati (41), faced arraignment in the previous week and was made to go based on unsecured bond.

Consequently, if they are found guilty of those charges, they will end up spending ten years in prison for possession or sale of stolen vehicles and additional five years of conspiracy charge.

Silverdome demolition by Peter Michael Photography

 This event was as a result of thousands of cars in the United States that had failed the emission or safety test but deployed a manipulative device around the test. The automakers have been compelled to call back those vehicles that have been stored at the silver dome parking lot for a long period of time. After payment of 7.4 billion US dollar, Volkswagen has been able to buy back those cars. Some of the recalled cars have been destroyed, while some have been repaired to be sold again.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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