Two men boiled alive when hot water pipe burst in Russian car park


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Two men were boiled alive after their car fell into a sinkhole in a Russian car park. The reason is an underground hot water pipe had burst and caused the ground to collapse. Read more details below!

Two men have been reported dead in Russia after the car they were in fell into a sinkhole filled with boiling water in a car park.


The two men didn't realize the spot the car was parked was about to collapse

Reports gathered by Naijauto say a hot water pipeline that went underground a parking lot had burst with the ground collapsing and their Lada Largus car fell inside the hole in Penzi Russia. Both men were sprayed with hot water that had already boiled up to 75°C which killed them almost instantly.

When emergency workers arrived at the scene to get the car out of the sinkhole, there was nothing they could do to help the two men as they were already dead.


Emergency workers pulling the car out of the hole

While confirming the incident, the Ministry of Emergencies in the area said,

"A car fell as a result of the ground collapsing. Sadly people were killed."

A journalist stated that another vehicle had driven over to the spot some minutes before the ground collapsed. The driver noticed steam was coming out from the ground and drove off quickly. The two men then came and parked on the spot. The ground gave way right before their eyes.


The hot water pipe burst and collapsed the car park in Russia

Local authorities have begun investigations into the accident.

With the extreme cold in Russia, hot water is being pumped to cities to help home and business owners to get to grips with the weather.

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