Meghan Markle spotted driving herself to Canadian airport in Land Rover Discovery


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Meghan Markle was seen driving herself to the airport in Canada in a Land Rover after her and Harry's announcement to withdraw from senior royal duties!

The public was thrown into a frenzy following the announcement made by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle that they were stepping down as senior royals – with the intention of shuttling between the UK and Canada.


The Duchess of Sussex is now free to drive herself like other regular people (Photo Credit Splash Blackbird)

After getting the queen’s approval, as reported by the British media, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be enjoying her newly found “freedom” as she was seen driving to the Canadian airport to pick up a friend of hers who flew in from the United States. Princess Meghan drove a Land Rover Discovery vehicle.

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Driving oneself is the norm for regular people. But when you are royalty like Meghan, it is unheard of. Part of the perks of being a member of the British royal family is to be chauffeured with workers at your beck and call. For many, that is the dream life. But obviously, Meghan and Harry wanted something different.

Some of the rules the mother of one had to obey as a senior member of the royal family include:

  • Always have the luxury of being chauffeured
  • Not allowed to shut car doors herself
  • Not allowed to make use of seat belts
  • Must always be accompanied by security personnel
  • Not allowed to drive through certain routes


The smile on her face is priceless (Photo Credit Splash Blackbird)

With her newly acquired “freedom” Meghan can drive herself without having to hold to royal car etiquettes.

The beaming smile on the former Hollywood Actress’s face was hard to miss as she drove herself. It was evident that she was enjoying every bit of it.

If you were Meghan, would you throw all the royal privileges away to drive yourself?

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