Meet the futuristic truck from Tesla - the Semi


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Electric vehicles are gaining widespread attention from global markets at an unprecedented pace. Tesla - the leading electric automaker has just announced its first truck design.

1. The specs

Tesla just unveiled its first-ever model for the electric truck segment, the Semi. It is said to be able to reach 800 kilometers in one instance if fully charged. Of course, under the circumstance that there's a highway that long and allows it to travel nonstop without encountering traffic lights or stop at intersections. It also comes with a fancy-named charger, the Megacharger, which is said to be able to let the car travel more than 600 kilometers in just under 30 minutes of charging. 

A Tesla Semi without the trailer

When traveling without load, the Semi can be able to accelerate to 100km/h in an impressive 5 seconds!

When the trailer is unattached, a Semi can be able to accelerate from zero to 96 km/h within 5 seconds, a number that is impressive even to a diesel or fuel-powered engine. In fact, it is amongst the fastest truck on the market right now even if the diesel and fuel types are counted in. It requires a little longer to accelerate to its maximum speed when loaded with maximum capacity - 36 tons, around 20 seconds. 

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A Tesla Semi Was Spotted On A Public Road 

2. The technology

The ability to accelerate within such an impressively small interval is due to its 4-wheel drive technology that allows the electric motor to operate 4 wheels separately. What's more, the isolated drive not only allows the vehicle to speed up much faster, it makes the car harder to be bent since there's a smart system inside that will adjust the torque to each wheel independently to get the car back to stable very quickly.

In addition to the impressive, smart independent torque-control ability, a standard version of a Semi would come with an Enhanced Autopilot feature. This will assist the driver with the barking process, help automatically press the pedal in the event that a collision threat is impending but the driver is absent-minded. Also, a system of sensors inside and around the car will help the vehicle stay in its lane during the course of the journey. 

a Tesla Semi on road

The smart system integrated into the Semi will keep you at the maximum level of safety

Though Tesla has experience in designing and manufacturing electric vehicles before, this is the first time it ever produced a truck. Still, given the success of their vehicles and also its reusable missile, this is considered to be a big hit to the market that their competitors should be sweating a little right now. In addition, Elon Musk, the owner of the company, made a promise that the Semi will be free of error, at least for the first 1,600,000 kilometers.

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