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How often do you hear people mention various model names of Toyota cars that sometimes confuse you? Find out the origin and meanings those Toyota names here now!

Toyota is undoubtedly the most popular and common car brand you will see on Nigerian roads. Over the years you would have probably become familiar with the names of its various vehicle models like the Toyota Corolla, Camry or Hilux.

But, do you even know the origin and meaning of those names?

Naijauto has done its research and below, we present to you the origin and meanings of top Toyota model names;

1. Toyota Corolla

“Corolla” is the name given to the ring petals found around a typical flower’s central part. So, Toyota adopted the name for this model with an intention to continually evoke the mindset of an eye-catching, beautifully styled compact car.

2. Toyota Camry

“Camry” is a word that means “Crown” and was coined from the Japanese word “Kanmuri”.

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3. Toyota RAV4

The “RAV4” name is actually just an acronym/abbreviation for “Recreational Active Vehicle with a 4-wheel-drive”.


The RAV4 is frequently hunted among off-road drivers

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4. Toyota HiAce

“HiAce” is a word coined from the combo of the words “High” and “Ace” in the English language.

5. Toyota Hilux

“Hilux” is also a simple and creative combination of the English words “High” and “Luxury”.

6. Toyota Celica

“Celica” is a Spanish word that means “Heavenly” or “Celestial”.

7. Toyota Supra

“Supra” is a Latin word that means “above” or “transcending” and can also be loosely used to mean “superior” in some cases.

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8. Toyota Avensis

“Avensis” is a name derived from “Avancer” – a French word that means “to advance”.

9. Toyota Prius

“Prius” is also a Latin word that means “to go before”, “original”, “first”, “prior”. This explains why the Prius car model is Toyota’s first hybrid vehicle to be produced in mass and was launched in Japan since the year 1997.

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