McLaren makes a Senna hypercar legos replica


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McLaren goes overboard in automotive creativity with the design of a life-sized replica of the exclusive Senna, made of Lego bricks. Click to see its photos here!

Would you ever had imagined that Legos and automobiles would meet one day? Short of building a toy with the fun blocks, of course. Building stuff with Legos is as much a part of typical childhood experiences as say diaper changes and colds.  However, we never actually imagine that the fun educational accessories will cross over into our adult lives. Well, this time have Legos ever!


Legos are world famous for building toys, not life size McLaren Sennas!

United Kingdom based automotive company, McLaren has completely designed a Senna Hypercar using mostly bricks of Legos. The company took it upon themself to create a full size replica of their 208 mph McLaren Senna supercar using 467,854 Lego bricks instead of the usual steel and electronics it takes to manufacture the £750,000 Senna Hypercar. 20,000 of the bricks hand to be custom made to fit the exact curvature and engineering lines of the Hypercar.


The lego replica looks exactly the same as the original

In producing this Legos supercar, 42 model makers, and naturally Legos enthusiasts, worked 2,725 hours or the equivalent of 4 months on the design. The real McLaren Senna Hypercar takes less time to make, just 300 hours for each unit.  


The Lego replica took the equivalent of four months to build! 9 times the normal period to build a Senna

McLaren is not the first to create a car from bricks of Legos. There are the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo, Chevy’s Silverado truck and Bugatti Chiron, which has a drivable version made with Legos. Auto companies delight in designing supercars for a variety of reasons, mostly verging on publicity.


Every inch on the car is hand-wrapped from legos

The Legos version of the McLaren cannot be driven. However, basic functions such as light switches and a functioning infotainment system are in-built. It also has an ignition button that plays an audio recording of the Senna’s 789bhp twin-turbo V8 engine coming to life. It doors don't open and close, but they can be removed or adjusted by hand to remain in their open or closed positions.


The steering wheel and driver's seat are made from leather, as a true Senna

The bricks of Legos are held in place by creative gluing and not every part of the car replica is made of Legos. The badges, steering wheel, driver's seat, pedals, wheels and tires all come from the real deal.

This McLaren Senna Legos replica weighs about 3,748 pounds which is 1000 pound more than an actual Hypercar.


Take a closer look at the lego-made Senna Hypercar!

McLaren has manufactured an exclusive 500 units of the McLaren Senna which cost £750,000 (303,780,065 naira). All manufactured nits have been sold.

McLaren plans to display the Lego McLaren Senna at events this year, including at the UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed this July.


This McLaren 720S was also made from legos

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