Can you get this for your kid? Check out the McLaren kiddie 720S with butterfly doors & movie player


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If you want the best automotive toy in town for your kid, you need to take a quick look at this McLaren Kiddie 720S with butterfly door and movie playing feature. Click here!

You would be shocked that many adults buying certain toys for their kids are also interested in playing with them, especially when the toy is a miniature 720S. In order to further increase playtime between child and grown-up, the automaker, McLaren is coming out with a toy equipped with remote controls, for kids and adults that are young at heart.


McLaren is offering this kiddies model in several colours, with functions close to regular car

This McLaren kiddie 720S might come as the most advanced and precisely replicated ride-on ever. It will come in many colours such as Belize Blue, Azores Orange, Lantana Purple, Mauvine Blue, Onyx Black, Silica White, famous Papaya Spark and Saros Grey. The toy gets carbon-like plastic, fake exhaust tips, functioning lights and 5-point star wheels. On the car, the automaker has decided to put functional dihedral doors. Looks like your kid will have huge fun cruising around the neighbourhood.

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The mini car also comes with a key, real engine noise and accelerator pedal, with inspiration from electric powertrain. As a parent, you can decide to use the remote control to play driving instructor with total control over the car.

Learning to drive a McLaren super car at four years old

On the inside, it comes equipped with an infotainment system with the capability of playing movies or music. It offers a small pre-programmed song playlist with access to video via plugging in an SD card or a USB.

To get this McLaren kiddie 720S ordered for your kid, you will spend ₦144,000 ($400).

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